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Safety Camping Tips For Families

December is a month of happiness, celebration and gratitude. With the Christmas holidays coming up, we are all looking forward to spending some quality time with our families. Regardless of whom you will spend these holidays with, you are probably looking for some fun activity to do with your loved ones. If you would like this activity to include spending time outdoors, getting to enjoy days immersed in nature, you should consider spending some days camping – an activity enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike. Whether you camp in your RV, a tent or a trailer, fun and relaxation will be granted. However, you should not forget safety while camping. It is important to take some precautions, in order to avoid any possible inconvenience and make the best out of your camping experience. Here you can find the most important ones.


Don’t forget your camping tools and equipment. Exploring nature and spending some time away from crowded cities is a healthy and fun initiative, but you should carry some fundamental tools and equipment, in order to deal with possible inconveniences. If you are planning to go for a hike, don’t forget your navigational tools, inform yourself about the plants you are going to encounter on your path (such as poison ivy), and always have a basic first aid kit with you.


You should know how to build a fire. As wonderful as nature is, it can also be a scary and cold place, especially at night. This is nothing that a nice and warm fire can’t fix. A camp fire will fend off the cold and the dark, and it can also be used to cook tasty meals for the whole family. Remember to clear away any potential tinder that can turn a spark into a brush fire and always have a bucket of water nearby. Make sure the fire is completely out before you leave.


Stay hydrated. We all should know the importance of drinking enough water each day. A sufficient quantity of water helps to regulate our body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. For all these reasons, you should never forget to carry a water bottle with you. Moreover, water is fundamental to prevent any heat-related issue. We all enjoy sunny days, but sunny days can be very warm as well; drinking enough water becomes even more important on such days. If you plan to refill your water bottle from a lake or stream, carry a few water purification tablets or use a bottle with a purification filter. For better results boil the water the night before and allow it to cool overnight. 


Safety camping

Have a plan in case you lose each other. Nature is a big place, and you could get lost in it. Leave your plans such as when you’re leaving, where you’re going and when you plan to return with a family member or friend who is not going with you. You can also inform the sheriff or park ranger near your destination so they know where to start looking if you don’t return home as planned. When going on a hike, bring navigational tools for everyone in your group. You may not be able to use your cell phones in very remote areas, but walkie-talkies may be an option. Your kids will probably be excited at the idea of using them!


More tips may be found on websites such as Kampgrounds of America ( www.koa.com ), the National Park Service ( www.nps.gov ) and also Leave No Trace (www.lnt.org). Once you have made all necessary preparations, you will create outdoor memories for your whole family!


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