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Changing the World of Body Care, One Herb at a Time

Quench Naturel

By Angel Fuchs

Quench Naturel wants to change how you look at body care products.

“We formulate with health in mind, meaning our products not only perform the task intended, but also promote optimal function and overall health,” says Allana Taylor, Quench Naturel co-owner.

Quench Naturel founders

That is quite the claim, but Quench Naturel stands by it 100%. Founded by two friends, Taylor and Gina Mynatt-Galdi, Quench Naturel is in its second year of creating all-natural, clean body care products.

The pair started off as friends, connecting when Taylor’s oldest son and Mynatt-Galdi’s only daughter were in fifth grade together at a Scottsdale Montessori school.

How it started

“We met at a school event and just connected,” says Taylor. The year was 2011, and Taylor had recently moved to the Valley from New York City. At the time, she was working in real estate and Mynatt-Galdi was running her own business in the travel and event industry.

“Becoming business partners was never something we’d intended,” Taylor adds. “We just shared a strong bond and remained close even when our kids went their separate ways.”

When Taylor’s husband became ill a couple of years ago, consequently having to switch gears in his career, she wanted to find a way to supplement her family’s income during the difficult time and mentioned that to Mynatt-Galdi.

Creating their own formula

Mynatt-Galdi’s daughter struggled with eczema, and she was concerned with the amount of chemicals in the products available to treat the condition, so she had developed her own formulation to help her daughter.

“Gina was already making a cream for her daughter and people were loving it,” says Taylor. “When I told her I was thinking about doing sales for another company, she suggested instead I partner with her to help sell her cream.”

That cream was what would evolve to become Get Whipped, Quench Naturel’s moisturizing body soufflé, their first product available to consumers and a current top-seller.

How it evolved

Thus, the idea to create clean, high-quality body care products using only natural ingredients, herbs and botanicals was born.

They’ve come quite a ways since that night in Mynatt-Galdi’s home. Today, Quench Naturel has products in four categories—body, hair, facial and oral care, with the Q24 line under the facial category being among the top-selling products. Quench Naturel is available online, as well as at events and very limited and strategic retail outlets.

“We like to sell direct to our customers,” says Taylor. “This allows us to build relationships and offer guidance and education.”

With a mission of changing the way consumers use and look at skin/body care, education is very important foundation of Quench Naturel. Taylor and Mynatt-Galdi have done extensive research, pored over statistics, and learned that the numbers are alarming.

“Cancer and disease are on the rise, and a big part of that is because of not only what people are putting into their bodies, but also because of what they are putting onto them,” says Taylor.

She added that the FDA doesn’t regulate the term “natural,” allowing any company to use if even when the ingredients they are using are anything but.

“People just don’t know what they are putting on their bodies,” she says. “Much of it is toxic and that will build up. Getting sick is inevitable.”

Quench Naturel standards

Quench Naturel uses EWG standards and pride itself on the clean, high-quality herbs, botanicals and essential oils it uses as its ingredients. Every ingredient used in its products are listed on its website, along with a description of what it does and why Taylor and Mynatt-Galdi love it.

And, while using such high-grade ingredients can seem costly to the consumer at first glance, the reality is that they are not using any fillers, like water, which can dilute formulas. Instead, they use organic shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera as the bases, which are all known for their therapeutic qualities, providing plenty of bang for the consumer’s buck.

Taylor and Mynatt-Galdi are running a small company with big intentions. In 2020 they plan to procure investors to help make Quench Naturel more available to the public. They also plan to expand their reach with additional education and awareness.

“We want to change people’s thinking; we want people to be happier and healthier,” Taylor says. “Just one small change can have so much effect.”

For more information about Quench Naturel and to see their complete line of products, visit www.quenchnaturel.com

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Angel Fuchs is a freelance writer and owner/editor of Yay Baby!, a mom-friendly lifestyle blog with a focus on family, fun and food. She is an avid home-cook and helps her husband, Tim, run a successful photography business, but her main job is personal assistant and private chauffeur to their 7-year-old daughter, Jax.


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