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Organic Café and Wellness Brand Attracts a Big Following

The Local Juicery

Summer and Mike Sanders and Local Juicery

By Madi Page

“Love your body and feed your soul” is the lifestyle that Local Juicery, with locations in both Sedona and Flagstaff, hopes to share with its customers.

Summer Sanders, a former celebrity chef and health coach, is the co-founder of the Arizona-based organic café. Summer and her husband, Mike, both shared a mutual interest in creating a space that would help people across the country take back their health. So, in 2014 they opened Local Juicery.

The Local Juicery

With a menu of superfood-infused smoothies, protein blends, juices, H20 blends and tonics, as well as a variety of foods such as toasts, waffles, breakfast bowls, salads, and energizing on-the-go snacks, the café has quickly become a hot spot, even drawing visits from celebrities such as Jason Mraz, Brie Bella, Michaela Angela Davis and more.

All Local Juicery products are made with organic, clean ingredients that include gluten-free and vegan options.

Recipe Books for a Healthy Life

Not only is Sanders the co-founder of Local Juicery, but she is also a well-known author. Her first book, Raw and Radiant (2018), includes 130 quick recipes and holistic tips for a healthy life. Her second book, Love Your Body Feed Your Soul: Self-Care Ritual and Recipes for Your Inner Goddess, debuted last month and includes everything from recipes for natural masks, scrubs and hair treatments to healing tonics and smoothies, and meditations to foods that will make you feel radiant.

Sanders’ passion and personal experiences in plant-based nutrition is what inspired her to launch Local Juicery and to write the books.

If your hope is to move to a completely plant-based diet, I believe it is very important to clarify what that term means to you,” she explains. “Potato chips are ‘plant-based,’ and now we have these fake meats that are potentially more toxic than meat! To me, a plant-based diet means a diet grounded in whole foods with an emphasis on leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. I believe in balance and listening to one’s body. In my life, I don’t stick to any particular diet dogma.

Keeping it Simple

I’ve tried many diets and eventually have come to the conclusion that a plant-focused lifestyle is right for me, but that term has wiggle room. I think the worst thing we can do is box ourselves in, as this creates guilt and shame if we ever slip. Food should be fun and pleasurable! Keep it simple, light, and don’t get too caught up on the terms.”

For more information, visit www.localjuicery.com. 

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Madi Page is currently a senior at Arizona State University studying nutrition. After graduating in May of 2020 she plans to work towards her goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. In her free time, Madi enjoys writing, spending time with her friends, family and dog Oliver. 


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