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Peak Scents Skincare Secrets

Peak Scents

DeeAnn Tracy’s all-natural, effective skincare options

DeeAnn Tracy spent much of her childhood in her family’s herb store in Downtown Flagstaff, where her mother was an ethnobotanist and herbalist. There, she fell in love with the power of herbs, helping create herbal tinctures and remedies for everything from aches and pains to colds.

After college, she headed to Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, studying plant anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. But, it wasn’t until she discovered river rafting that she began on her path of launching Peak Scents.

It was the early 1990s and Tracy was leading two-week rafting trips from the Grand Canyon. During those trips, her feet were in the water often—which led to skin problems. And, the chemicals in the sunscreens she and her fellow river runners were using were giving them rashes.

She wanted products that helped her skin but were all-natural. Since they didn’t exist, she created them, launching Peak Scents in 1993.

“I drew on my background as an herbalist to create something to help that was all-natural, and utilized plants, vitamins, and antioxidants,” she explains.

Today, her line is in demand all over the world and known for its natural ingredients and results.

“My motto is that if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin because it absorbs right in. I’m just very passionate about natural skincare, combining plants and antioxidants for very effective formulas,” she explains.

She also strives to offer her products at affordable prices.

“I also believe in offering a fair price,” Tracy says. “We make all of our products in-house, so we’re also able to offer our products for a really fair price because I want everyone to be able to use them and afford them.”

Here, some of our favorites.

Peak Scents

Rose Phyto3 Facial Cream

Rose has some truly remarkable skin benefits, and this cream has them all. With rose and acai stem cells, peptides, super fruit, and herbal extracts, this facial cream is an antioxidant powerhouse. $38

Rose Phyto3 Facial Oil

The Rose Phyto3 Facial Oil is formulated with a powerful blend of rose and acai stem cells, raw cold-pressed oils, and pure essential oils—yet it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Be sure not to ditch your facial cream though! Oils can be worn alone, but Peak Scents also recommends layering them under your moisturizer to lock in their powerful ingredients. $28

Rose Phyto3 Facial Mist

This facial mist adds a burst of freshness that will wake up your skin, tighten your pores, and fill your senses with the aromatic scent of pure rose. $20

Power Repair Face Cream

This product contains high-potency antioxidants such as green tea, grape seed oil, vitamins C & E, alpha-lipoic acid, and CoQ10. Shea butter and oils such as fatty-rich coconut make this formula a heavenly, dreamy cream that will feel like a pure indulgence on the skin. $20

Power Repair Face Mist

Just as you may crave a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day, your skin too craves its very own burst of refreshing goodness. The Power Repair Face Mist helps refresh skin while igniting the senses with a beautiful and soothing blend of essential oils. As the mist comes into contact with the warmth of your skin, it will sink deep down into pores, infusing them with an elixir of anti-aging and antioxidant-rich ingredients used to firm, hydrate, and restore. $10

Power Repair Skin Therapy Oil

Facial oils are redefining the meaning of luxury and feel
like a pure indulgence on the skin. They may even eliminate dryness with just one application, and when they contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients like this one, you just know you can’t go wrong. A blend of powerful plant oils full of polyphenols that your skin will love. $28

Power Repair Hyaluronic + C Serum

This light and soothing serum is packed with two important beauty vitamins—hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Together, they plump, hydrate, and repair dry and damaged skin. It is specially formulated with the non-irritating and highly absorbable form of naturally derived vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate. $28

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Michelle Glicksman is the Editor-in-Chief at Green Living Magazine.


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