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Objects Can Make a Room Singularly Yours

When decorating a home, it is good to see what objects are already in place and what can be redesigned or salvaged.

Recently, while working with client, together, we created a small sitting area in her kitchen. We took a chair and ottoman, and added some color, to give the area a little oomph. My client fell in love with the wonderful fabric we used to make a pillow for the chair. 

Later, the client called saying that the pillow needed to be restuffed. While having the pillow repaired and restuffed, the client called once again, this time saing how much she missed her pillow. The energy of the room had changed and without the pillow, everything felt different.

This is a good example of how small objects can change the feel of a room.  Conversely, we also experience a shift when something new is added.  This often happens when new furniture and accessories are installed in a client’s home. It seems that we  become accustomed to what we have around us, that it is noticeable when new things are introduced into our spaces. 

Clients will often say, “I’m not sure how I like this new look.”  I usually respond by telling them to live with it and see how you feel in a day or two. It may take time to welcome something new into your home and “bond” with it.

Do you have a few favorite things in your home?  Which ones did you select because they caught your eye and you had to have them?  Do these items give you a feeling of comfort? Would you miss them it they weren’t there? 

Many times I will ask clients to show me some of their treasured items. Invariably, they will have to hunt for them—they may be packed away in a drawer, or stuffed in the closet or garage. In any case, these objects d’arte could possibly add a special touch or enhance a new energy into the home—something that was unexpected.

A picture can be framed.  An old chair, reupholstered. A scarf or a tie can be incorporated into the design of a pillow. A piece of jewelry, such as a pin, can adorn a pillow and taken off when needed to accessorize an outfit.

No one else can pick these pieces for you. These special objects create a feeling that only you understand. This is your signature, your monogram for the world to see.

What is fun about decorating is that you can create and recreate displays that have a special significance to you and you alone. It’s yours and only yours—signature statement— that you get to share with others in your own unique way. 

 Celebrate who you are in all that you choose!

Barbara Kaplan specializes in Interior Design for Mindful Living. She loves to work with DIY clients, helping them be their own interior designer. For more information visit: www.barbarakaplan.com


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