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How to Holiday

As the holidays approach, take the time to think about what small changes
you can make to ensure this year’s festivities are more eco-friendly. Need
easy product ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Send Seeds N’ Greetings

How to holiday - Seeds and Greetings

Bloomin offers a selection of holiday greeting cards that not only can be used to send cheer to family and friends, but keep on giving—they are made with fully plantable printed seed paper or feature a seed paper shape attached to a printed cardstock. A recycled envelope is included. $21/8-pack at www.bloomin.com

Wrap it Up

How to holiday - Wrap it up

Did you know that most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it’s dyed, laminated, or contains non-paper additives? Instead of grabbing the first roll you see, make sure to order from Wrappily. With the help of neighborhood newspaper presses, the company offers renewable newsprint as an answer to the tons of trash generated by wrapping paper every year. Wrappily is milled, printed, and packaged in the U.S., and many of the prints are created by local artists. The reversible gift wrap sheets—which are available in a variety of patterns, including holiday—come flat & folded with gift tag stickers. $10 at www.wrappily.com

Out-of-the-Ordinary Ornaments

How to holiday - Ornaments

Use these as a tag on a gift, or hang them on your tree as an ornament. Besides being functional, they are Earth-friendly—they are plantable. Each kit includes 12 two-part tags and raffia ties. One tag is for writing and reading, and one is for planting (they include a wildflower seed mixture) and growing. Planting instructions are printed on the back of each. $9.95 at www.bloomin.com

See the Light

How to holiday - Menorah

It’s a menorah! It’s a skincare gift! This two-in-one product makes for a perfect holiday decoration. When the holiday is over, use the eight Mitty Minis (four white and four golden) for your face routine. Each finger mitt has a round side for larger areas and a pointed tip for delicate areas like the lash line. Mittys, which replace cotton balls, wipes, and washcloths, stay soft for years of use. $66 at www.takemyfaceoff.com

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