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Gift Guide!

Drink Up

2020 Gift Guide Nalgene

This Nalgene Sustain water bottle is the first-of-its-kind reusable water bottle that is made from recycled materials. Each Nalgene Sustain has the equivalent of eight single-use plastic water bottles in one reusable bottle—and it’s durable, leak-proof, and dishwasher safe. $14.99 at www.nalgene.com


2020 Numi Tea

The Numi Organic Tea World of Tea Variety Gift Set assorted collection features 45 black, green, mate, and herbal tea bags, and comes in an elegant bamboo chest that can be reused for years. It contains teas from all caffeine levels and a wide range of flavors to represent iconic tastes from around the world. Numi’s organic, full-leaf quality teas come individually wrapped in compostable overwrap to ensure the tea is fresh. $32.99 at www.numitea.com

Movie Night

2020 Gift Guide Popcorn

Enjoy a popcorn treasure chest of non-GMO organic kernels, along with activities and games like Movie Night Bingo, Trivia, Word Searches, and Crafts printed right on
the recyclable box with a Quinn Movie Night Popcorn Box. The popcorn comes in bags made of compostable paper that is free of all chemicals, plastic, and heat-conducting
susceptors. You’ll get nine bags of popcorn, in flavors such as real butter & sea salt, aged parmesan & rosemary, and white cheddar & sea salt. $26.99 at www.quinnsnacks.com

Shirt the Issue

2020 Spunky Stork

There’s nothing more adorable than Mom or Dad twinning with their mini me! These super cute matching shirts are made by The Spunky Stork, a happy + modern clothing company passionate about creating clean, organic, non-toxic clothing for babies, children and adults. There are hundreds of designs and clever sayings screen printed on baby bodysuits, toddler tees, adult tees, and tanks. $15 and up at www.spunkystork.com


2020 Gift Guide Mitty

Known for its reusable, super soft makeup-removing Mittys, these limited-edition Snowman Mittys are a festive, sustainable, and adorable holiday gift. Take My Face Off’s products are much better for the environment than single-use products like makeup wipes and cotton balls. They take off every trace of makeup, are cuter than an old washcloth, and can even be used on eyelash extensions! $22 at

Perfect Pack

2020 Gift Guide

The Resin daypack makes your daily routine infinitely easier with a mindful design, including optimal organization and comfort for your daily commute. The weather-resistant pack is also built with completely recycled materials, PVC-free coated fabrics, and conscious choices in construction to reduce its overall impact on the environment. It’s perfect for everyday adventures and commuters. $99.95-$119.95 at

Double Duty

Aromatherapy Bracelet 2020

It’s pretty to wear and it smells great. With the Aromatherapy Bracelets and Essentials Oils from Goddess Garden, you can literally set your mood in stone. Porous
lava rocks capture and carry the scent of pure essential oil blends, while genuine stones offer energetic properties. The stones and oils work in tandem to enhance one’s mood and reinforce one’s intentions, while the symbolic charm and color patterns reinforce intentions and make each bracelet on-trend and stylish. Bracelet, $14.99; essential oils, $9.99 at www.goddessgarden.com

Cool Coffee

2020 Gift Guide Coffee

The Surfrider Select is a delicious blend of African and South American coffees. Civilized Coffee has teamed up with the First Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and will donate part of the proceeds to the chapter to help them focus
on their mission “Clean Water & Clean Beaches.” Each box comes with two bags of freshly roasted coffee (whole bean or ground) and a scoop. For the holidays, try the Surfrider Select Coffee Gift Box. $32.95 at www.civilizedcoffee.com

Bag It

Supernova Backpack 2020

Carry around your items in style with this sustainable, fair-trade, vegan leather, upcycled SuperNova Backpack from Rafi Nova. Defined by handmade, vintage, upcycled textiles that have been carefully curated from Northern Vietnam and re-purposed, each bag carries a story and no two bags are exactly the same. Because each bag is different, after an order is placed, Rafi Nova will contact you and send you
photos to confirm your exact bag. $228 at www.rafinova.com

Say it Loud

2020 Gift Guide

Eco-friendly T-shirts from Living Loudly deliver micro-experiences in every package. When the colorful capsules arrive, to the fun science lesson wrapped up in a teachable
story written on seed paper, and the hidden paper airplane in every image, these are activities designed for parents and children to do together, inspire conversation, and build memories. $39.50 at www.livingloudly.com

Spiritual Journey

Psychic Experience 2020

-Sponsored – As you delve into the pages of this book, you are opening the pages to the knowledge of other dimensions that are just waiting to be explored by the human psyche. This is the place for self-discovery, and where you might realize that your ordinary life may be more extraordinary than you thought; where the metaphysical becomes the physical and the extraordinary becomes the ordinary. This book brings to light a new awareness of the fact that there is so much more going on around us, other than what just the human eye can see. $13.99 at www.amazon.com


Diffuser 2020

This all-natural ceramic diffuser from Snow Fox diffuses scents without fire or electricity. It comes with a specially paired oil Snow Fox fragrance, Sunday Morning, which is made from 100% natural, organic, certified Australian essential oils that are blended and bottled in Australia, meant to promote mood-boosting, emotional well-being, and general wellness. $48 at www.snowfoxskincare.com

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