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He’s Green She’s Green

How would you like to experience an hour of total relaxation? Where your mind can tune out the world, and your body can be relieved of stress, possibly even pain? We found out there exists such a place, and it may be only a short drive from your home.  A “float” tank, which can usually be found at a local health spa, is an enclosable pod filled with body-temperature water and epsom salt. Honestly, after trying it, we wish we had one in our home. We’d make it mandatory for us and our kids to take one daily! Bring on the chill vibes!

He's/she's green

He said:  Imagine for a second that you could just turn the whole world off for an hour. All sounds off, lights off, heck even gravity off. That’s exactly what it felt like in this sensory deprivation float tank. I stepped inside and closed the lid, and the world disappeared. The high salt content in the water made me feel almost weightless. The water and air in the tank were heated to near body temperature, so I couldn’t feel any difference in temperature or touch on my skin, and there was so little light in the room that I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed. And just like everything else, all my external stressors just switched off, and my mind immediately went inward. I spent nearly the entire hour focused on my heartbeat and breathing. I was meditating, whether I wanted to or not. After an hour, I emerged from my cocoon like a beautiful butterfly, rinsed off in a private shower, and walked out of the spa feeling refreshed and re-centered. This really was a profound experience that I think everyone should try at least once in their life. The ability to take a time out in our over-stimulating world is priceless.  

He's/she's green

She Said:  I’ll admit I wasn’t crazy about the idea of a sensory deprivation “float” tank. It was hard to imagine myself being comfortable in a space like that, especially when I deal with claustrophobia. To my surprise, there were many ways to customize the experience so I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in a sardine can! I was able to adjust the lighting in the room and in the tank. I could choose music, nature sounds or silence; and keep the tank lid fully open, partially open or closed. Initially I chose “jungle” nature sounds, but found it too distracting. Same with the lights, so those went off too. I had to try the authentic experience of complete darkness and silence — I used the earplugs, too. Right away, after fully closing the lid, I felt panic set in. It was a disorienting feeling, not being able to see. Not to mention, it was warm and stuffy. I tried to calm down, but needed to vent the lid for fresh air and also saw a sliver of light from the room’s door, which helped instantly. Finally cozy, but a little fidgety, I tried to zen out. I’m not used to doing “nothing.” Most of us can agree that we’re always doing and going, often with sensory overload! Surprisingly though, in there, my mind was able to focus on the present instead of to-do lists or worries. Instead, my focus was diverted to the sound of my breathing, my heartbeat, the soothing feel of the warm water on my skin, or the sound of my hair swishing against the halo-shaped foam pillow. It was easy to think about what I was feeling and hearing, and my mind  wandered only once. That’s unusual for me! Then all of a sudden, I was fast asleep and dreaming. And what felt like a minute later, calming music started to play to indicate my session was over. I slowly ambled over to my private shower to wash off all the salt, and chose some hot tea on the way out. I felt incredibly serene and totally chilled out for several hours afterward. Every inch of my skin just felt, “Ahhhhhh.” What an awesome chance to tune out the world and truly relax the mind and body. I highly recommend it!

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