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Energy Audits Necessary for Solar Efficiency

Provided by Southwest Sustainable

The goals of most consumers that are interested in solar energy are completely understandable – save money on electricity, help the environment, and become less dependent on the electric companies.  These are all terrific goals to be encouraged; however, consumers should reduce their home’s energy usage BEFORE going solar.  Why?  Because it just makes CENTs.  Let me explain…

Before investing in a solar system, a consumer should make sure their home isn’t wasting energy.  The best way to find out where or whether their home is wasting energy is to obtain an energy audit.  An energy audit works to locate the inefficient, problem areas in the home that waste or overconsume energy.  Duct leaks, and improper insulation are the most common areas for energy loss.  These are relatively inexpensive fixes in a home versus adding more solar panels to support a wasteful house.  By fixing and eliminating wasted energy usage, the size of the solar system can be vastly reduced.

To help find these areas for improvement, AZ Energy Efficient Home provides residential energy audits using the latest technologies and equipment, with extensive knowledge about understanding of construction, design, and green building processes.  President, Jonathan Waterworth is a licensed general and Home Performance with Energy Star general contractor who is LEED Accredited and BPI Certified.

To learn more about saving energy, money and qualify for the generous rebates from APS and SRP, contact AZ Energy Efficient Home at 480-471-0111 or visit www. Azenergyefficienthome.com. Right now, $99 gets you a Home Performance with Energy Star checkup, a comprehensive report, one low flow showerhead, three low flow faucet aerators and 10 CFL light bulbs.



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