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Cool Outrageous Stuff: Home Goods Part II

Using sustainable products in our homes can be one of the more effective ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Ekohunters Sustainable Candle Holders
Ekohunters offers sustainable candle holders, lanterns, and candles crafted from high-quality sustainable materials. Their products, designed to contribute to a soft home decor, act as beautiful additions to the home and are made with recycled, natural, and recyclable and/or toxin-free materials. Customers can even create special and unique compositions by combining several candle holders and lanterns to create statement pieces perfect for their décor. The online site even provides an eco-friendliness score for each piece, so you know exactly how much good you’re doing for the planet by purchasing the item. www.ekohunters.com


Pivot-Solar Breeze’s Ariel Pool Skimmer
Kick unruly hoses and heavy, cumbersome robots to the bottom of the pool and add a pool skimmer for clean, crystal clear swimming pools. Pivot Pool’s Solar Ariel Pool Skimmer is the solution you and your pool pump have been waiting for. The small robot catches large and micro-sized debris before it sinks to the bottom, where it can decay and create bacteria. It’s equipped with obstruction sensors and multidirectional navigation. A non-slip handle allows for easy pickup, while a collection tray makes disposal a breeze. This Arizona-based company was founded in 2011 with a mission of introducing technology and products that make pool cleaning more eco-friendly. www.solar-breeze.com


Find more Cool Outrageous Stuff for homes in our Products section.


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