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Cool Outrageous Stuff: Home Goods

Using sustainable products in our homes can be one of the more effective ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Coyuchi Organic Bedding and Cotton Sheets
Clean kitchens and living spaces are one thing, but what about clean bedrooms? Beyond a routine clean, check out Coyuchi’s organic bedding, sheets, and towels. The difference between organic and conventional cotton lies with the blend. Coyuchi’s products are never blended with synthetic materials and are free from pesticides and harsh chemicals. Organic cotton uses less water and energy and keeps the soil healthier. Plus, all organic cotton products are Global Organic Textile Standard certified and Fair Trade certified. For its down comforters and pillows, Coyuchi sources down feathers from a single supplier in the U.S., which uses humane and sustainable practices. Taking sustainability a step further, products that are returned to the company for upcycling are resold to a second home (after a liquid CO2 cleaning) or aggregated for recycling. The company also highlights four nonprofits a year to which customers can donate money when they check out. www.coyuchi.com


Garnica Lightweight Plywood
Planning a home renovation or building a new home? Check out Garnica Lightweight Plywood. Started by the Banos de Rio Tobia family in La Rioja, Spain, the company has explored sustainable ways to manage and utilize natural resources and manufacture plywood alternatives. Garnica uses local poplar, pine, and eucalyptus wood from farms in Spain and France, but the company has many U.S. dealers. The company has an affinity for poplar trees because they have great CO2 absorption, grow rapidly, and have water purification ability, which is good news for new homes. Garnica has Environmental Product Declaration certifications, in addition to LEED and BREEAM certifications, which all relate to sustainable construction. The company ensures its products have a circular life, and they’re committed to zero waste by using byproduct in their own processes and other industries. Beyond nature, Garnica’s centers support rural areas with fewer than 5,000 residents. www.garnica.one/en-us


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