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Rating the Best & Worst Clean Adult Beverage Products

Recommendations straight from the experts

Sometimes fun in the sun includes bringing along a tasty adult beverage, with cleaner ingredients. Organic or gluten-free? Yes, please! Whatever you’re celebrating, we say “cheers” to living in the moment with these clean adult beverage products!



Samuel Smith’s

Organic Apricot fruit ale 

He Said: Okay, big asterisk on this beer. This is not beer that is brewed with apricots, it is a light lager that is mixed with apricot juice poured into the bottle. It had a very sweet fruit apricot juice taste, and only the slightest beer aftertaste. This is the perfect beer for someone who doesn’t like beer.

3 stars

She Said: Hmmm, this is way more juice than ale, and that’s dangerous! It was delicious, like carbonated apricot juice with just a bit of ale flair. I love that it’s organic, and from Yorkshire’s oldest brewery.

4 stars



Golden Hammer Organic Lager 

He Said: It’s that time again when I’m forced to drink beer and tell you guys about it. Hopworks has a nice light lager here. It has a citrusy flavor up-front, with a nice hoppy finish. It reminded me a lot of zee German lagers—think Heineken und Becks but with a bit more hops. It was a gut bier, yah.

4 stars

She Said: The perfect accessories with this lager: can koozie, sunglasses, a beach chair, and toes in the water. I loved how crisp and refreshing it was when it was ice-cold, and so smooth! No face-distorting bitterness or hoppiness. An ideal summer brew!

4 stars



Ground Breaker Brewing Co.

Olallie Blackberry & Rosehip Ale

He Said: Drink this one out of a glass. It has an awesome red amber color, and the can it comes in is ugly, haha. I found the flavor of this one very flat. It was sweet dry berries up front with a floral almost soapy hops finish. If I had to sum this one up in one word, that word would be meh.

2 stars

She Said: A great one for those tired of the same ‘ol, but don’t want to go “full fruity.” Just a slight sour berry flavor and smoothness made this one unremarkable, but easy to drink. Hey, at least it’s gluten-free!

3 stars



Sparkling Mead 

He Said: Okay, let me start by saying the flavor of this was decent. It had nice champagne-like bubbles, a tart taste, and a bready yeast aftertaste. Now the smell, on the other hand, was absolutely atrocious. I kid you not, it smelled like yeast and urine. I was only able to try about four sips. This one will be great for people who have no sense of smell. Glad we only bought one can.

1 star

She Said: Oh boy. The rotted fruit aroma upon opening the can turned my stomach. BUT, I had to press on for you, faithful readers! Be glad it’s me and not you, because the sour feet taste that followed lingered looooooong after those few sips I managed to choke down. Maybe my palate isn’t refined enough? Maybe quality control’s taste buds are nonexistent? Sorry, but this mead should have been left in the Dark Ages. Oy.

1 star



Epic Brewing Company

Glutenator, gluten – free beer

He Said: Is it really beer if it’s not made with barley? This frankenstein beer is made from sweet potatoes and molasses, and you can definitely taste both. Earthy and sweet, with a molasses and hops aftertaste. It’s interesting but not really something I would drink again. Oh, and I can’t say the name without doing my Arnold voice, “Get to da choppa!”

3 stars

She Said: Mmm, surprisingly smooth! An easy-to-drink, light beer I’d recommend even if you aren’t avoiding gluten. It’s so awesome that nowadays even folks with dietary restrictions can readily find tasty products. This one even has a fun name, the “Glutenatorrrrr,” (said in a deep grumbly voice while flexing those pecs).

4 stars

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