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Water Art Thou Medicine

Charging our cells

By Ivy Ciolli

As we move through 2020, I hope our thoughts and intentions are as clear as the water we ingest. As I mentioned recently, the source of our water is vital and correlated to our health. Let me start by saying that our living bodies thrive on living water. Spring water is alive, overflowing with vital minerals designed by nature to replenish and renew all living organisms! 

According to Draxe.com While we’re lucky enough in the United States and other developed nations to have easy access to plenty of clean drinking water, just how healthy is our water, really? Compared to the type of water that our ancestors drank thousands of years ago, the water coming out of our faucets today—or from store-bought plastic bottles we commonly purchase—might fail in comparison.

Structured water

How so? According to emerging theories on “structured water,” water that hasn’t yet been filtrated, mechanically cleaned or “processed” in any way, to some degree, might hold more “energy” in it.

Structured water is “the water that’s found in nature,” according to groups like Structured Water Technologies. The theory is that structured water molecules held within our cells might have a higher level of electrical charges, in a specific order that helps our cells function. When our cells’ water molecules are optimally charged, this can potentially impact how the muscles and tissue throughout our bodies work.

But when water is mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins—leading to high tap water toxicity and abnormal estrogen levels in our water—the structure changes and, therefore, the water loses some of its healing benefits.

What is water impacted by?

Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington is one of the leading authorities on structured water. After studying water science and technologies for the past decade-plus, he believes that water is profoundly impacted by light and heat-generating sources found in nature, which change the molecular composition of the water we drink and store within our bodies.

While research is still limited and inconclusive, structured water might have an optimal pH that is crucial to health and a specific power source that helps us stay maximally hydrated. Because of the many roles that water and hydration have in the body, structured water is said to benefit:

  • Energy levels
  • Digestion and regularity
  • Enzymes that help with nutrient absorption
  • Concentration
  • Muscle contractions
  • Positive moods
  • Ability to sleep well
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Respiration
  • Endurance
  • Weight control
  • Kidney and liver health
  • Joint health

Water working with our cells

To understand what the potential benefits of structured water might be, it helps to first grasp how water works within our cells.

Water is an important building block in every single cell in your body. The actual structure of your cells is something like a matrix that is made up of different acids (some of which are proteins). Between the acids is where water is held, essentially bridging the gap. All of the water molecules within our cells hold electrical charges, whether positive or negative. Oppositely charged water molecules line up next to one another, just like a battery.

Initially, water gets its charge from the sunlight or heat in the environment and then stores it within our cells. The idea behind structured water is this: Ordinary water filtration processes that have the purpose of cleaning drinking water also de-structure water molecules in the process.

The outdoors are important

When the water is no longer structured the way it was intended to be, the health of your cells suffers; specifically, the protein molecules within your cells don’t work the right way. This can negatively impact muscular and tissue functioning, leaving you prone to injuries. How exactly does the water within our cells become unstructured?

It’s not entirely clear yet, but one theory is that too much time spent indoors—away from natural sources of energy like the sun and the earth’s surface (imagine a clean-running mountain creek that people used to drink directly from)—could partially be to blame.

Think about this: water is a reflection of ourselves. We all have experienced tidal waves in our lives, but our resilience and ability to paddle to calm water is part of our survival mechanism. When our bodies are balanced by nature’s spring water, we begin to experience clarity and energetic flow, resulting in fluid thoughts and intentions!

Our health

We tend to be incredulous and look for shortcuts or a quick fix when it comes to our health. But what really matters? We hear the saying, “see the cup as half-full, not half-empty.” Or fill your cup, making it possible to continue to give of yourself to others. This is advice I need to take myself! There is also the unspoken cup that eventually overflows. What I am referring to is toxins. We don’t just wake up with cancer, chronic auto-immune disease, depression or any ailment for that matter. There is always a tipping point of how much our body can handle.

What you put into your body is what you get out. I always say, “If we aren’t preventing, we are causing!” It comes down to making the choice: prescription or prevention? My suggestion is to not put a Band-Aid on the issue. The only way to truly heal is to get back to your roots! Saturate your limbs and trunk with spring water to revitalize your cells. Soak in the sun to recharge your body and absorb vitamin D (preventer of cancer). Are you ready to shift your paradigm and see what your miraculous body is capable of? Think of it this way: water represents a glass mirror and by choosing living water, you will see the reflection of the HEALTHIER YOU!

Charging our cells

My 2020 vision is crystal-clear, is yours? Are you ready to dive in and electrically charge your cells with structured water providing optimal cell function? My favorite place to get structured spring water filled with nutrients is at Kaleidoscope. With many Valley locations, it’s easy to grab one of their spring waters with alkalizing chlorophyll, detoxifying charcoal, or inflammation-fighting and cell-regenerating turmeric frankincense. But you don’t have to stop there. Sign up for one of their juice cleanses to shed unwanted weight and toxins from your body. Check them out at www.kaleidoscope.love.

My hope is for all of us to renew, regenerate, and regain our youthful self!

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Ivy Ciolli is a native of Arizona born with the innate desire to protect Mother Earth. She is a wife and proud mother of Cole and Brooklyn. Her days are filled with volunteering at her children’s school, and philanthropic work involving abused and neglected children and animals.


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