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Beat the Heat: He’s Green, She’s Green

Beat the Heat: He's Green, She's Green

By Jennifer & John Burkhart

In the dead of summer, it’s hard to think of anything else but how to cool off. Well, we’ve got you covered, whether it’s a pool day at home or a weekend at the lake. Check out which chilly treats are worthy of your next “melt-your-face-off” summer day.

Paleo Passion Pops

Apple Crisp with Flax Seed

He Said: It was a warm summer day. I grabbed one of these and plopped down on a chair in the shade of our backyard apple tree. “Life is good,” I thought. First lick and I was like “Yum, tart apples.” Second lick and I was thinking, “Mmm, a hint of cinnamon.” Third lick and I was like “Pffpt pbbt! What is that, dirt?!” No, it was flax seed. Why in the world is there flax in my popsicle? It didn’t add anything to the flavor, it just added grit. I like grit… on my sandpaper. Not in my popsicles.

2 stars 

She Said: I’ve never eaten apple crisp and thought, “This should definitely be morphed into a frozen pop!” Surprisingly, it wasn’t as weird as I thought, but a little boring. It tasted like a mildly sweet, frozen apple cider. The ground flax flakes were an odd addition, but only a tad noticeable.

2 stars

Tres Agaves

Organic Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri Mix

He Said: Hey, adults need to cool off, too. Nothing says chill better than a blended strawberry margarita. We made this with tequila blanco and it was sweet, refreshing, and dangerously drinkable. I don’t normally like the super-sweet alcohol drinks (because of the hangovers), but this one hit the spot on a warm spring day.

5 stars

She Said: Can I tell you how excited I am to have found a marg mix without junk ingredients? THIS EXCITED!! And oh my, it was AMAZING! Pureed strawberries and agave nectar create a deliciously sweet, versatile drink. Frozen, on the rocks, with or without rum/tequila—something for everyone!

5 stars 


Limeade Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

He Said: You know what’s refreshing on a hot summer day? Limeade—cool water, lime juice, and a little sweetener. What’s not refreshing on a hot summer day? Searing the back of your throat with vinegar! I know apple cider vinegar is super healthy in a multitude of ways, but you have to be a bit of a masochist to enjoy this. It honestly was a lot like drinking a ton of limeade, and then having a little of it come back up.

1 star

She Said: When it’s 112° and your outsides are literally burning, the last thing you want is for your insides to be burning, too. My poor throat. The intense zing of the apple cider vinegar was no match for the lime juice. Only reach for this “limeade” if you need a health boost from ACV, and not a thirst quencher.

2 stars


Strawberry Dipped Pops

He Said: Strawberries—check. Chocolate—check. A deliciously refreshing treat that you and your kids will love—checkedy-check-check! These dipped popsicles were a huge hit in our house. The strawberry base was sweet and mellow, and the dark chocolate dip made it decadent. I recommend letting them thaw just a bit before you eat one—if you can wait that long. I didn’t have the willpower.

5 stars

She Said: Oh man, these were crazy good. Sweet pureed strawberry pops with a rich, dairy-free chocolatey shell—take my money! They were the perfect cool-down treat after a day in the sun. The only problem was, the little box of four pops was gone in one day, too!

5 stars

Three Twins

Organic Slim Twin Ice Cream, Lemon Cookie

He Said: I had low expectations for this one. I read “low-calorie” and “skim milk” and thought, “Oh boy, here comes a Pledge-flavored ice cube with some cookie bits!” What I got was a deliciously light and creamy lemon ice cream with chewy bits of vanilla cookie. Good thing it’s only 360 calories per pint, because you’ll want to eat the whole thing.

5 stars

She Said: When I see “reduced-calorie” foods, I see “reduced flavor” and run the other way. But this one? Wow! It tasted just as creamy and flavorful as any regular ice cream. I would have liked a bit more tart lemon flavor, but it was still yummy—exactly like a lemon sandwich cookie.

4 stars

Be sure to read of of He’s Green, She’s Green monthly in Green Living Magazine.


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