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4 Green Tech Products to Make Your Home More Sustainable

All the gadgets you need to build a smart house

These four green tech products are sure to help you build the smart home of your dreams.


Sounding Off

Summer is the prime season for outdoor hangs, neighborhood barbecues, and finding just about any excuse to soak up the extended hours of daylight. Now, thanks to the Reveal Bamboo Solar Speaker, you can enjoy your favorite playlist to its fullest extent, without fear of the power running out. The speaker relies on a 15-hour, built-in battery life, and even allows users to charge their smartphone or tablet directly with the device. $80 at www.revealshop.com



Tech-Driven Temps

Smart thermostats are not only the way of the future, they’re also the perfect tech to tap into if you’d rather avoid having your air conditioner or furnace run erratically. While there are a number of innovative smart thermostats on the market, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the practical option for those homes that are already optimized within the ecosystem of Google’s home technologies. If you don’t want your air conditioner or furnace running erratically, you’ll want a smart thermostat. The thermostat allows users to schedule when their systems are on and running, which can ultimately help to save some money on your electricity bill. $249 at www.store.google.com 



Eco Powered

Both older and more modern homes are often cluttered with wall outlets that take up a significant (and often unnecessary) amount of wall space and energy. The Currant Smart Plug Wifi Outlet works to address the problem—each purchase comes with two plugs that, when paired with the Currant app, allows users to assess their energy usage charts and understand how they can better minimize any excessive energy usage. The smart plug also offers users the opportunity to create more customized rules and times for energy uses. $40 at www.currant.com 



Counter Composting

Pela recently debuted Lomi—the world’s first kitchen appliance that can turn food scraps, boxes, cloth, and other bioplastics into dirt within 24 hours. Lomi breaks down food waste into fragmented biomass, and the final product is a natural soil amendment that’s a source of soil macronutrients and micronutrients. Plus, the product’s practical size makes it ideal for sitting on the kitchen counter. $299 at www.meetlomi.com

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