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ZenniHome: Tomorrow’s Home, Today

Imagine living in a home that is completely self-contained—all of your appliances and furniture come securely fastened in a neat shipping container made of steel. Rooms become multi-purpose rooms; – the living room converts into a bedroom at the push of a button or a wave of your hand. The dining area turns into an office or second bedroom. You have top-of-the-line appliances, washer and dryer, and a water system that is set up for conservation. These homes include net zero energy with solar, lithium batteries, including superior insulation and smart home technology.

This 640-square foot home feels like a furnished 1,500-square foot home. You have all the essentials you need to live a healthy, minimalist lifestyle. Just pack a suitcase, bring a set of towels and add in all the kitchen essentials.  

And if you have to move across the country or across the continent, your home moves with you. The shipping container can be placed on a train or cargo ship and brought to your new location.

This is tomorrow’s home, today.

ZenniHome is the brainchild of Bob Worsley, an entrepreneur and a former U.S. Senator [R-Ariz.] from 2012-2019, and Stephen D. James, Planning and Community Designer of eco-friendly master planned communities including, Daybreak in Utah.

“We’re trying to build tomorrow’s home today. And tomorrow’s home, we think is smart. It’s connected. It’s green—it’s Net Zero Energy. And we think that people, over time, will have to start getting comfortable living in smaller spaces that are more high-tech, that feel like they’re bigger,” Worsley said. 

Worsley states that people are spending too much money on homes and their yards. “We come home sometimes, and there’s all these things broken and so it’s just nice to be able to lock and leave and go somewhere and be able to be free to roam.”

ZenniHomes are built inside a factory, while integrating technology into it. “We’ve created robotic transforming spaces inside, so everything has three purposes, not just one. This is the idea of having multiple purpose rooms. … Everything will be standardized globally,” Worsley explained. “Everything has been optimized for cargo ships, trains, trucks, to even lifting devices and forklifts to set the homes in place.”

Worsley went on to say that ZenniHome would be the first company building homes, just like we build cars. The steel frame is the size of the container—no wood—and it goes down an assembly line. “Someday we’ll have this fully assembled, fully automated and your options will be just like the seats in a car—leather or cloth or deciding what features you want on the outside and the inside.”

Worsley stated that their goal is to build 500 homes a week out of one gigafactory. “No one in the country can build more than 3,000 homes in six weeks, we’ll do that. So we’re green. We’re smart, and we’re robotic.”

As the factory gets up to full speed, Worsley anticipates that it will take three weeks from the time the order is placed to ship the home to the homeowner’s location (depending on where it is) and two days to set up, once it’s placed on the site.

The interesting part is that all of this is happening right this minute. Worsley signed a lease with the Navajo Nation in Page, Arizona, to set up a factory that is energy- efficient and uses steel from a nearby steel company. “From the ashes of one of the world’s largest coal power plants, we are building a sustainable, green housing factory—one with enormous employment potential for the Navajo Nation,” Worsley said. “Our location in Page provides ample room for expansion, including potential for a future one million square-foot gigafactory, a strategic location near our west and southwest markets, and access to a highly skilled local workforce. We are grateful to the Navajo Nation for their partnership. They have been tremendous to work with, and we look forward to being part of and giving back to the Diné community for many years to come.”

ZenniHome is essential for aspiring first-time homeowners, retirement or resort living, a family wanting to make room for multiple generations, for someone looking to create a rental property, or a developer seeking an answer to cost and supply issues.

Homes range from $75,000-$100,000 per unit. 

For more information, visit: zennihome.com



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