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With A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co., Sustainability Begins At Home

When you think of all of the ways to “green” your home, the possibilities are pretty endless

When you think of all of the ways to “green” your home, the possibilities are pretty endless. And thanks to the work of A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co., even something as simple as replacing your garage door can be sustainably minded too.

A-Authentic Garage Door Service is not only the number one ranked garage door company in Arizona, but they’ve also proven to be one of the most environmentally conscious businesses in the state, as well.

The company provides high-quality garage door repair and installation services Valleywide in Phoenix, Tucson, and a number of other surrounding communities. But what really sets them apart is their mission to recycle what’s left of old garage doors they work to replace. Unlike other garage door companies who simply rely on individual bins to dispose of old materials—which then inevitably end up in landfills—A-Authentic separates all of the materials to ensure that anything that can be recycled, is.

“We have five separate bins for different types of materials that—when we take old doors down—we separate them into separate bins,” says Darrell Peruch, president at A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co.. “Everything possible is recycled.”

Beyond their green-focused disposal practices, A-Authentic also carries certain garage door design brands that prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency in their own businesses, as well. 

Amarr Garage Doors is a worldwide leader in garage door design, and their new Carriage Court garage doors, in particular, are made with four layers of composite overlay, steel exterior, polystyrene insulation, and steel interior for advanced energy efficiency and noise reduction.

For garage door replacement, A-Authentic also carries 1st United—a garage door company that promotes environmental management practices to create environmentally conscious products which minimize their carbon footprint.

“I just think that we all need to do our part because we only have one planet. Whatever we can do to be more conscious, if it helps, why wouldn’t you?”

For more information, visit www.arizonagaragedoors.com.

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