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When Your Dog Has to Go Potty…

Potty for Pets

Arizona couple creates eco-friendly solution for pet parents

When Stephen and Anna Brandt realized that their busy work schedule sometimes prevented them from getting home to their dog, Daisy, at the same time every day to let her out, they brainstormed a solution—and that’s how The Pottio Box became one Valley couple’s solution for mixing a busy lifestyle with the responsibility of being a dog owner.

For the apartment dwellers

Designed with the urban condo or apartment dweller in mind, The Pottio Box offers eco-friendly, organic grass sections that are “a natural alternative to the inconvenient pee-pee pad,” relieving the condo owner and apartment dweller of having to regularly let their dog out to do their business.

The Brandts created the product when their new furry baby, Daisy, came into their lives and brought with it a demanding potty schedule. Unable to rush home at the same time every day to let her out, the guilt of thinking about her waiting for them and wanting to go potty led the couple to create the useful, convenient, and eco-friendly delivery for pet parents in similar situations.

The Pottio Box uses fresh, organic sod instead of the harsh and environmentally costly materials a traditional pee-pee pad utilizes. Made from the same turf as some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses, The Pottio Box is furnished with a healthy patch of dark emerald green, organically grown paspalum vaginatum, more commonly known as platinum paspalum. The natural solution requires minimal water to survive, so consumers don’t need to worry about watering their pads, explains Stephen, unless they deem it necessary.

How it works

The Pottio Box is offered in two sizes, with weekly or bi-weekly options for refreshing the turf. Each delivery comes with the option for full service, which includes the company replacing the turf on behalf of the homeowner, and disposing of it in a sustainable manner.

For the company, disposal can mean working with local golf course landscapers or connecting with tortoise or rabbit owners. Overall, helping support a circular economy is the goal.

The turf, which naturally eliminates odors, is practical to use both indoors or outdoors since it has “nature’s way of getting rid of the smell,” Stephen says.

This, combined with the easy-to-use nature of the sustainable pad, makes it good for potty training, keeping indoor dogs indoors, or even just to avoid a late-night walk in the cold.

The Pottio Box ranges from $59.99 to $109.99, depending on subscription package, and is able to be delivered anywhere in Arizona. For more information, visit www.thepottiobox.com

The Pottio Box Solutions

  1. House training a puppy.
  2. Apartment/condo residents who don’t have a backyard.
  3. Busy professionals who can’t always make it home at the right time.
  4. Senior dogs with incontinence and/or arthritis.
  5. Avoiding the late-night walk in the cold/rain/snow.
  6. Pet parents tired of the smell and maintenance of artificial grass and/or pee-pee pads.
  7. Homeowners who have a dog-run in order to protect their grassy backyard.
  8. Creates a smooth transition for elderly dog owners moving from their house to a senior living facility.

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