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“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.” Robin Sharma 

As January approaches each year, many people have good intentions, setting resolutions only to find that life’s distractions, and our deeply ingrained subconscious patterns, silently take over, never making way for the change we wish to see in our lives. When we fail to keep these resolutions, dealing with feelings of disappointment and failure can happen as we revert back to our normal way of living.

I have personally found that an effective process to provide stability and direction to this desire for positive change can be rooted in the simple process of choosing a word that summarizes the changes you desire in the coming year. When aiming for lasting change, you’ll want to embody that word until it becomes who you are at the core of your being. The intention is to be so focused on that word that it creates a re-patterning of internal beliefs and self-image. It’s a process that requires deep introspection and understanding of the self. 

Two years ago, when I began this annual process for myself, it took a while to choose my word. I felt stuck and couldn’t identify exactly what I was feeling. I wasn’t unmotivated, but rather uninspired — and I felt overwhelmed by the world around me. I felt ‘stuck.’

In dealing with the loss of a grandchild a year and a half prior, I came to the realization that what I had been feeling was an immense amount of unresolved grief, sadness, and an inability to move forward. Because I held the grief so tightly, it also held power over my life — and I realized that it was ok to lean into the discomfort that comes with grief. At times, it seems like we are inundated with the beliefs of perpetual positivity that can often become toxic, as if it’s somehow not ok to grieve. I find it to be a form of spiritual bypassing and disrespectful to our moments of being human. Just as it’s exciting to celebrate victories, it is equally important to honor our moments of uncertainty and hurt. 

Sharing that part of my journey opened me up to new possibilities and helped me to release the old energy that was keeping me stuck. In that moment, I experienced a shift, and the fog lifted. I began to remember my God-given ability to create a beautiful life through my own thoughts and words. 

‘Extraordinary’ is what I chose to embody for 2022. I realized that life can be extraordinary despite our circumstances. As my perspective and — consequently — my life began to shift, I began to see and experience extraordinary opportunities and beautiful change in my life. 

In 2023 I chose the word ‘uplevel’ — focusing on all areas of my life where I knew I was living below my potential. It takes great courage to face ourselves and look at all the ways we are standing in our own way. I upleveled my health, my business, my life, and most importantly my personal relationships. Not surprisingly, change can resonate as a butterfly effect, affecting not only our reality but the lives of those around us. Choosing and embodying your word can be a profound experience and can give hope to a world in need of inspiration.


What word will you choose to embody this year? 

As a new year begins, perhaps it’s time to choose your word. 

Where can you uplevel your life? In what areas of your life do you need or want to create change? How can you be the change you wish to see in the world? 

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, here are some practical steps to help you choose your word and creating lasting change:



Self introspection and an increase in awareness of your behavior and belief patterns is key to creating the change you desire. Without awareness, we create from an unconscious state of mind or deeply ingrained belief patterns, and we have the tendency to self-sabotage our own success. 



Use your word to activate change in negative behaviors or patterns to shift the energy in your day-to-day life. The truth is, most people never change their circumstances without changing their habits and behaviors. Live in the power of your word to change the way you see yourself — believe it is possible for you to live your best life. 



What can be more empowering than to take radical responsibility for your life and how you show up in the world? By choosing your word with great intention and operating from a state of empowerment, you automatically set the stage to create something new. 



Despite good intentions, unless we are steadfast in our decision to create change, we will revert to old habits. Ask yourself what will happen if things remain the same? Where do you want to be one year from now? Be decided with unwavering faith that only you have the power to create the change you wish to see in your life. 



Like an architect with a blueprint, how do you want your life to look? Be specific in your timeline and details of how your life will look one year from now. Map your life out with certainty. 



Your highest intelligence knows that you long to live from your heart space. As life confronts you, choose words that will bring feelings of calm and peace to you. Ask yourself if the words you speak align with who you long to be.

With a careful choice in words — or just one word — you can set your intention to create change and become the person you have been called to be.


  1. Thank you for a very interesting and appropriate article.
    I was on this website to read an article in Pati, host of Pati’s Mexican Table.
    This “Word” article really got me thinking.
    So, it since retiring in 2018, I have not been focused on anything. This article inspired me to do some self searching. Thank you.


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