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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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What’s in Your Water?

As the years go by, there is a much greater concern surrounding the different things that might be contaminating our water supplies. There are so many different products that come from a multitude of industries that are responsible for our water contamination. They can come from the most basic processing plants that manufacture products that we are accustomed to using on a regular basis. Grass fertilizers, cooking utensils, shower gels, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, pharmaceuticals – and the list goes on. Many of these contaminants can go undetected for years before they are discovered. The basic tests used for testing water do not cover all of these unknown and unhealthy pollutants, which can leave many people unaware that these toxins exist in the water we use every day. 

Swimming pools are notorious for using an abundance of different chemicals for daily treatment. Unfortunately, many of them are harmful to our water supplies and our health. Wastewater departments around the country struggle to remove these chemicals from ground water while treating millions of gallons every day. With the abundance of pollution from the ground and air, we continue to struggle to discover new ways of effectively and efficiently treating our water supplies. 

Exceptional Water Systems focuses on utilizing natural elements to treat swimming pools, spas, fountains, and much more to greatly reduce the transfer of unwanted chemicals to our water treatment facilities. By utilizing advanced ultra-fine bubble technology, we diffuse ozone, oxygen, and carbon dioxide into the water to efficiently and effectively treat these bodies of water. Ozone can be as much as 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine at disinfecting and oxidizing unwanted contaminants, and is 10,000 times more effective at destroying microorganisms. 

Our systems increase the amount of dissolved oxygen present in the water making it feel soft and silky to the skin. The heightened oxygen levels help with the beginning stages of the wastewater treatment process, rather than hindering it with the abundance of unwanted chemicals.

Finally, carbon dioxide is used in place of muriatic acid to reduce the pH in the water naturally, also reducing the amount of unnecessary chemicals that go into our overloaded sewer systems.

EWS is dedicated to providing healthy water for humanity. If you would like to experience the noticeable at-home benefits of Exceptional Water Systems, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to call us at (480) 694-4709 or visit our website at www.exwsystems.com


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