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VLS Environmental Solutions opens Waste-to-Energy facility in Arizona

VLS Environmental Solutions is thrilled to unveil its grass roots waste-to-energy processing facility in Quartzsite, AZ. The facility is a long-awaited processing facility serving the west coast to, deliver local, sustainable solutions for waste management services.

John Magee, CEO of VLS Environmental Solutions, shares his excitement: “The opening of our new Quartzsite facility marks an important milestone in our mission to provide innovative solutions for clients to meet their sustainability goals. We are not only addressing our clients’ needs but also paving the way for zero-waste practices on the west coast.”

To meet client demand for waste-to-energy processing solutions, the Quartzsite facility is equipped to handle industrial, non-hazardous waste, serving diverse industries such as organic and inorganic chemical manufacturing, semiconductors, gas and oil, and automotive assembly plants and upstream suppliers.  The ultimate goal? To transform operational waste into alternatives for coal and natural gas as sustainable energy solutions.

Magee further emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability: “Our Zero Waste Solutions transcend traditional practices. With innovative services like our advanced Shredded Heat™ solution and landfill options, we ensure the secure destruction of post-operation waste products, contributing to a cleaner, greener future.”

VLS Environmental Solutions remains unwavering in its dedication to delivering sustainable waste management solutions. “Our new facility in Quartzsite stands as a testament to our commitment to providing safe, secure, and sustainable solutions for our clients’ waste management needs,” Magee concludes.

About VLS Environmental Solutions

VLS Environmental Solutions is a leader in sustainability solutions, with three divisions providing industry-leading services. The company’s Waste Services division provides customized waste processing solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and commercial waste, including landfill diversion and sustainability programs, solidification of liquid waste, recycling, wastewater treatment, and waste sequestration. The company’s Railcar Cleaning and Repair Services division provides specialty cleaning services for difficult-to-clean products, including chemicals, hardened materials, and pressurized gases, and comprehensive repair services for certified full-service repairs, tank car qualifications, and maintenance. The company’s Marine Services division offers state-of-the-art barge cleaning, repair, and gas-free facilities for various chemical solvents and downstream petroleum products. VLS has over 1,000 employees in 40 locations across North America. For more information about VLS, visit www.vlses.com.

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Header photo courtesy of VLS Environmental Solutions.


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