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Trending Green June/July 2023

Green trends are taking place all over! Here’s our round up of local, national and international events and products that are trending green.

SRP Sustainable Cities

The cities of Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix were all honored by Salt River Project with a platinum designation as SRP Sustainable Cities. The award recognizes commitment to sustainable growth while supporting SRP’s environmental policies and goals.


Mitigating Effects of Rising Sea Levels on Coastal Cities

As part of the City of Vancouver’s Sea2City Design Challenge, the North Creek Collective, led by architecture firm MVRDV, put together The Sea Rise Catalogue, featuring possible interventions that adapt the area’s current waterfront buildings and infrastructure to mitigate the encroaching water.


Solar Cell Breakthrough

MIT scientists have engineered ultra-thin fabric solar cells that can convert any surface into a power source. They are printed using electronic inks similar to printing designs on a t-shirt and have the potential to revolutionize the clean energy industry.


Built Using Rice Hulls?

Modern Mills created a natural building material nearly indistinguishable from wood. ACRE is made from rice hulls, diverted from landfills in a process that is phenol-, formaldehyde-, and adhesive-free. It is a durable and sustainable alternative to wood that can be used indoors and outdoors.


E-bike Conversion Kits

Rubbee, a ‘micro-mobility startup founded in the mid-2010s’ has created a conversion kit that turns a normal bicycle into an e-bike. There are three e-bike conversion kits, including the Rubbee, Rubbee 2.0, and the new Rubbee X, which comes in three configurations for different performance and price points.


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