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This Nicole Kidman-Approved, CBD Beauty Brand Is the Future of Skincare

Skincare and wellness trends have taken on a life of their own over the last few years, with endless Instagram reels and Tik Tok videos showcasing unique tips and tricks for perfecting your beauty regimen. Naturally, when a celebrity involves themself with a brand or even launches one of their own, consumers are granted a whole new level of intrigue in the product lineup. This was proven to be especially true in late 2020, when Sera Labs announced a new, one-of-a-kind CBD beauty partnership with Oscar Award-winning actress, Nicole Kidman.

Photo courtesy of Seratopical.

Sera Labs, which was founded in 2018 by Nancy Duitch, is one of the most innovative brands in the health and wellness industry at the moment. The company’s mission is to create high-quality products that use science-backed, proprietary formulations which inspire real solutions.

Kidman—whose effortless Australian charm has already cemented her as a beauty icon in Hollywood—joined the brand under the title as both a global brand ambassador and strategic business partner for Seratopical—a division of Sera Labs that focuses specifically on topical treatments, with an emphasis on age-defying, CBD-driven ingredients.

Duitch, who serves as the Sera Labs CEO and CURE Pharmaceutical chief strategic officer, built an extensive career in the consumer product goods industry, and was ready for a new adventure when she launched SeraLabs—this time around, with a company that was built on more personal intentions.

Following the loss of her brother and sister at a young age—along with the discovery of a family health condition which affects the heart—Duitch developed a refined perspective on health and wellness very early on in her life. Since then, she’s invested her time and energy into a brand committed to being accessible and effective for every type of consumer.

“One of the things that I wanted to make sure of when we developed this product was to ensure that it worked on all ages, all races, and that nobody would be left out. I wanted to make sure that we had ingredients that would work for everybody, whether you’re trying to prevent aging issues, or just trying to help minimize and diminish aging issues,” Duitch exclusively told Green Living.

After several months of trying to perfect the formula, the brand sent samples out to thousands of customers to sample, and immediately found that “about 85%” of the consumers saw that the CBD made a visible difference on the quality of their skin and the diminishment of fine lines.

“We knew that we had something that was not only a great product, but one that practically excels over everything else.”

Not only is CBD a key element in the effectiveness of the products, but the items are also made from high quality raw materials and are tested by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency. Plus, they’re grown, formulated, and manufactured in the USA, are plant-based, and free from pesticides.

In an interview with Forbes, Kidman admitted that her affinity for CBD products came about after an unexpected ankle injury.

“I tried it out and felt the benefits immediately,” said Kidman. “Now it is something I can’t leave the house without.”

The Love Your Eyes Anti-Aging Cream. Photo courtesy of Seratopical.

After several months of testing out the products myself, I can vouch for the “immediate benefits” as described by Kidman. The Seratopical Love Your Eyes Anti-Aging Serum with CBD glides onto the under-eye skin effortlessly—a little goes a long way too, which for an under-eye cream, I can absolutely appreciate.

The Super Booster Serum with CBD is the perfect addition to your morning skincare routine, with a delicate scent and light finish. And for a refreshing addition to your nighttime skincare regimen, the Radiant Glow Facial Oil with CBD is illuminating, effective, and especially calming when paired with a jade facial massage roller.

“We really like to think of ourselves as the one-stop-shop for every person,” says Duitch.

For more information on Sera Labs’ partnership with Nicole Kidman or to purchase products from the Seratopicals’ product line, visit www.seratopical.com and follow the company at @seratopical. Plus, for a limited time, use the code GREENLIVING20 for a special discount on your order.

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