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Sophie et Voilà Designs Sustainable, Haute Couture Bridal Dresses

Once upon a time, a bride-to-be’s greatest pre-wedding concerns revolved around venues, veils, and of course, the daunting journey of finding the perfect gown for their nuptials. Now, with conscious consumerism making its way into mainstream fashion, brides are also confronted with the complications of finding a bridal style that’s both elegant and ethical. 

But Sophie et Voilà, a sustainable bridal designer based in Spain, is working to un-complicate the process of finding the perfect wedding dress by incorporating recycled materials into contemporary styles—giving “something borrowed” an entirely new meaning and presenting a fresh approach to ethical bridal in an otherwise outdated industry.

While more thoughtful, minimalistic business models—specifically those which focus on limited carbon footprints—might make up the next great wave of fashion innovation, the brand’s founders insist they came into the sustainability space organically.

Photo courtesy Sophie et Voilà.

“We started a sustainable bridal brand without even being aware of it. We live in the Basque Country, where slow isn’t a movement, but a way of life,” say Sophie et Voilà’s founders, Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia. “When we created Sophie et Voilà, we started to work on slow fashion in the way in which we had lived our whole lives, with the values that the environment taught us. We are able to create wedding dresses from recycled materials such as satin and crepe in our newest collection.”

The bridal company relies on sustainable materials such as recycled fabrics for each of its collections, and each style is specially manufactured for its owner. Beyond the environmentally conscious make of Sophie et Voilà’s designs, the brand also prioritizes working without stock to limit excess, using recycled packaging to ship the pieces, and investing in their mindful team members—the brand’s entire team is made up of women who work in Bilbao-based facilities.

Sophie et Voilà just released its latest collection, The Hydrangea Collection, which is inspired by the hydrangea flower—a powerful flora which grows in rare environments and boasts great versatility. According to the brand’s designers, the Hydrangea is also a “flower that sprouts with the security of knowing that every spring it will be spectacular—just like Sophie et Voilà.”

Photo courtesy Sophie et Voilà.

The collection pays special homage to Basque Country and the area’s bountiful sources for design inspiration—with refined element shapes, minimalist and austere aesthetics, and drapings of clean romanticism, the styles are refreshing additions to Sophie et Voilà’s continued elegance.

“Just as the Basque Country is always an inspiration, crepe, gauze and tulle are recurring foundations on which Hydrangea has been built. It is a collection made for women with style and a story.”

For more information, visit www.us.sophieetvoila.com.

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