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ApplewoodDog by Lowaunz Farrow

by Courtney Coombes

Summer is a time for relaxation, luxurious vacations and getaways.  As July 4th is approaching make the decision to treat your favorite furry friend to a special getaway. The Valley of the Sun welcomes many options that are exceptional – pet boarding being one. Say “goodbye” to the days of dull and boring boarding, and say “hello” to luxurious rooms, large play areas and unending pampering for your pet.

Sonoran Desert Pet Resort

Sonoran Desert Pet Resort has a variety of suites and condos to choose from. Whether your pet needs more room to jump around or would enjoy a more peaceful suite, Sonoran Desert has plenty to offer. Each room includes TVs, stainless steel water and food bowls, and plush bedding, making any canine visitor right at home.

This deluxe pet resort is proud of their indoor dog park, which utilizes the latest artificial turf.  Don’t worry; although Spot will be “getting down” he won’t be getting dirty. The park is cleaned with high water pressure and disinfectant solutions promoting a bacteria and odor free play area.

Applewood Pet Resort 

While looking for exceptional boarding facilities for your pet, Applewood Pet Resort, located in Paradise Valley, just might be right up your alley.  Staff is on location 24 hours a day to make sure all of your pets needs are met.

Applewood also features a large, specially designed, bone-shaped dog pool. If you choose this activity for Spot, he will have one-on-one time with a staff member – can you imagine how happy he will be to have an entire pool to himself?  After enjoying an entertaining pool session in the Arizona heat, Spot will have plenty of time to cool down in his climate-controlled suite.

Second Home Pet Resort

As the name suggests, Second Home Pet Resort, in Phoenix,  is just that; making boarding feel like a trip to grandma’s house with the feel of a true “second home.” If you are indecisive you may have a difficult time choosing from the abundant supply of suite options this resort has to offer. Some suites include flat panel TVs, adjoining outdoor patios and private pavilions. Don’t worry about having withdrawals from seeing Spot, because this resort offers an Internet PetCam. You will be able to check in on Spot throughout the day using your computer or Smartphone. Individual play sessions, water park play and cuddle time are only a few of the activities you can chose for your pet as he takes a vacation of his own.

Alicia Fremling, Director of Resort Operations, said the staff of the resort is very passionate about what they do. “There is someone on property 24 hours a day. It’s something we are prideful about,” Fremling said.  “Everyone who works here is a very vigilant parent, and we want to make sure we are treating them each like one of our own pets.” Not only does Second Home cater to animals, but also to the environment.

“In addition to the zero landscaping and the natural sunlight in each pavilion, we have 14 air conditioning units which are energy-recovering units. These are very positive things for the environment,” Fremling said.

If you are not used to leaving your pet at a resort, have no fear. Each resort has a variety of amenities and activities for a true pet vacation. Before choosing a location, be sure to research resorts carefully to find one that is right for
your pet.

Helpful Questions to Ask Pet Resorts

1. Is the facility staffed 24 hours a day?

2. Where do dogs have potty breaks and how often? 

3. What is the total time dogs spend outside of their suite (kennel) each day? 

4. For cats, how frequently is the litter scooped or changed out completely? 

5. Can the care attendants administer medication, vitamins or injections if necessary? 

6. What does the cost of the suite (kennel) include?

 7. What are the feeding policies? Do they require clients to bring their own food? Do they offer house food? 

8. What other additional activities are available for guests (pets) during their stay? 

9. Are grooming services available?


Photo by Lowaunz Farrow of Applewood Pet Resort


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