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September 2020 – Cool Outrageous Stuff

The Case to Ditch Plastic

Cool Outrageous Stuff - Pela

Guided by their mission to create a waste-free future, Pela has created sustainable and eco-friendly phone cases that are 100% compostable. Although most modern cases are made from plastic that will end up hurting our planet, the Pela phone case will help our planet thrive and recuperate from the harm it has endured. Additionally, Pela donates its time and resources to important causes that help clean and protect our oceans and coastlines. $19.95 at www.pelacase.com

Peace Out, Paper

September 2020 - Notebook

Due to the disheartening deforestation issue in our world, we cannot help but feel guilty when we use paper to write in our notebooks. Fortunately, Rocketbook has created an eco-friendly notebook that helps eliminate a lot of waste. Made from completely recyclable materials, the Core notebook contains reusable pages that can be wiped clean when combined with Pilot friXion ink. The Core notebook can even connect with a mobile app to export handwritten notes into a digital cloud. Executive Core notebook, $32; Letter Core notebook, $34 at Rocketbook’s website

Sustainable Sustenance

Cool Outrageous Stuff - Pancakes

Naturally sourced and eco-consciously produced pancakes and waffles made with Grain 4 Grain flour are sure to satisfy your breakfast cravings. Instead of allowing spent barley to be wasted by breweries, Grain 4 Grain upcycled it to create this delicious mix. Low in carbs and high in protein, this product is also good for your health. And, with every box purchased, a donation is made to a food bank in order to fight world hunger. $8.99 at www.grain4grain.com/shop

All Tea Can Be Green

September 2020 - Reusable Tea Bags

With fall just around the corner, it is easy to get excited for the return of fall treats. Prepare yourself for some cozy autumn evenings with Finegood’s reusable loose leaf tea bags. These tea bags, made out of high-quality BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone, help reduce the waste created by one-time-use tea bags. Another plus? They’re also really easy to clean. $9.99/6-pack at www.amazon.com

Thoughtful Toilet Paper

September 2020 - Toilet Paper

It seems like just yesterday people were going crazy for toilet paper. Well, this might happen again when you hear about Betterway’s 100% biodegradable bamboo toilet paper. A big part of the planet’s deforestation is caused by the demand for toilet paper, but this green product can change that. Made from responsibly sourced bamboo, this FSC-certified product is committed to positively impact the deforestation problem in our planet. $21.99/12 rolls at www.amazon.com

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