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Quasar Quantum Healing: Restoring the Mind and Body

The journey to wellness began as a spiritual transformation that observed the power of energy as medicine; yet, as the world progressed, scientific discoveries led to pharmaceutical remedies. However, practices like Quasar Quantum Healing promote holistic, non-invasive methods that are just as effective as modern medicine. Technologically driven routines, coupled with yoga, grounding, meditation, and nutritional management, create a unique space for holistic healing unlike any other.

Upon opening in February, Quasar Quantum Healing brought a new level of elevation to Arizona. Founder Monica Samuels took the initiative to introduce therapeutic programs as an opportunity to enlighten individuals and reaffirm the power to heal oneself. 

Revolutionary treatments such as the Theta Chamber, LED Light Bed, walk-in Hyperbaric Chamber, Wellness IV Drips, Quantum Foot Detox, AO Scan, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and Himalayan Salt Therapy. Each one resets the mind and body in a unique way at a cellular level to maintain a lasting change. “Our technology is amazing, our grounding techniques that we’re using are amazing, and I’m so passionate about it — that we can heal the body without any pharmaceuticals,” Samuels says.

Each treatment program is individually tailored to suit the recovery needs of every client while delivering data-driven results that can quantify a quality experience. Although therapeutic healing has proven to have positive results with Parkinson’s disease, viral infections, mental illnesses including PTSD, joint pain and other conditions, it’s also effective with stress, sleep, energy, hormonal imbalance, athletic performance, mobility and other common everyday feelings or occurrences. 

“It’s not just because you have a crucial situation that you have to visit us, you can be in very good health but with a lot of stress, or very good health and just want to maintain it,” says Samuels. 

Quasar Quantum Healing is a stepping stone toward an improved life, yet the force that carries each person through is their own willingness to pursue a better lifestyle by changing negative habits and introducing healthy routines. 

“If you are willing to change your lifestyle, you will change how you feel and how you live your life,” Samuels says. “Like anything else, if you don’t take action on your behavior, nothing is going to happen for you.”

Each of the 6-, 12-, or 28-day programs varies according to each client, yet how treatment plans are devised is beyond impressive. The AO Scan is a digital body analyzer based on the scientific works of Einstein, Tesla, and others that uses radionics to evaluate 120,000 frequencies within the human body to detect irregularities in the energy frequencies of cells, tissues and organs. Following the scan, it then compiles precise results on identified areas that need to be reset or restored. 

“We [humans] have billions of frequencies, but if we realign those frequencies, we can reset the body,” Samuels explains. “With the technology we have, we help you to do that.”

However, the AO Scan is just the starting point. Once results have been obtained, treatment ensues, and within the first session, leaves a powerful impression. As a peek into the plans, here’s how it feels to undergo the Theta Chamber and walk-in Hyperbaric Chamber. 

The Theta Chamber treats underlying neurological issues by initiating the “Theta” brainwave state that occurs during deep meditation or the dream state of sleep. The chamber is padded, air-conditioned and accompanied by motion simulation, audio relaxation tracks, binaural audio beats, visual pattern light stimulation and micro-current signaling. 

During the process, the brain is eased and becomes open to learning and healing, while signaling the hypothalamus to restore the production of serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Through this repeated pattern, the brain begins to be altered.

“We create neural pathways and we reconnect both areas of the brain with one machine,” says Samuels. 

Along with reconstructing passages within the nervous system, other appliances such as the Hyperbaric Chamber circulate highly oxygenated blood throughout the body, revitalizing the cells that compose those very same neurons. 

The walk-in Hyperbaric Chamber is the only one of its kind in Arizona, featuring four reclining seats accompanied by nasal cannulas and wall ports that emit pure oxygen to increase levels within the chamber. At the end of 60 minutes, bodily tissues are restored and circulation drastically improves.

Through the application of these therapeutic treatments, recovery starts from within. “If we fix the emotional issues, we probably can avoid the physical,” Samuels says. “It’s like planting seeds, and then you have beautiful flowers, beautiful crops, right? If you take care of yourself internally, you’re just going to glow.” 

Recovery can be a beautiful journey if you’re on the right path, and with Quasar Quantum Healing, you’re destined to be in good hands. “Everybody can heal, we just don’t know how, and we’re here to teach you how,” says Samuels. “It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, we can help you to move forward.”

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