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Publisher’s Note – November

The FOOD issue is one of my favorite issues of the year because I LOVE FOOD! Last night, I ate a delicious apple soup, pumpkin energy ball, beet salad with goat cheese and had chocolate mousse in an edible chocolate cup as a sweet delight at the Virginia G Piper cancer center. They were tantalizing bites that amused my mouth and made my stomach happy. We were honoring the women who are cancer survivors, cancer patients and those who have found out that they have been diagnosed with cancer. There are so many correlations between cancer and the food we eat. This month we have an interesting article on things that you should know when getting a mastectomy.

Turn the pages to interesting food articles in our Master Gardeners Monthly section and read a book review city farming. Enjoy the benefits of Turmeric and Cumin in our Live section and learn what to eat in the Eat This, Not That article which is an excellent reminder not to end the month with a Holiday Hangover.

Be sure to check out the second article in our series on ADHD, ADHD and Diet. My son Keaton has been diagnosed with ADHD. We have been very involved in his diet. My husband and I have been attempting many food eliminations, allergy testing, holistic counseling and ADD-care a natural alternative product. We are increasingly active with his school work, his school, his teacher and the school counselor. I believe there is a correlation between food and ADHD behavior.

Then, read through a great article on Social Media for Positive Change in our Work section and find out about a Canyon View high school that is Seeding the Future of agriculture through the STEM program. Celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15th through upcycling and fashion trends.

Last but not least, flip to our Play section in and enjoy From Grapes to Greenery, an article about the eco-friendly things to do in Cottonwood and Clarkdale, read Cooking Oil Conundrum, learn about the Healing gifts of Honeybee Hives, and engage in the beautiful sea turtles in Sun, Sand and Sea Turtles.

To educate, empower, and inspire,

Dorie Morales, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

I LOVE TO HEAR FROM OUR READERS! Email me at dorie@greenlivingaz.com


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