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Plug In to Mother Earth for Better Health

In this issue’s Sustainable You contribution from Karen Langston, she discusses the benefits of connecting with Mother Earth, and the benefits it brings about for your overall health.

I was recently on a hike in Jacksonville, Florida, and saw this couple lying on the damp ground on the trail. My first thought was, “Are they okay?” A foot and hand moved; they were. Were they too tired to go on? Nah, they were earthing.

When you go to the beach and step on to the soft warm sand, do your feet tingle? When you are in the forest, do you just feel good? There is a good reason for this. Simply connecting your body with the earth results in better health and vitality. 

The Earth, and everything on it including us, has a flow of electrons. This natural electron current flow pulsates at about 10Hz. Think of Mother Earth as an electrical socket circulating negative ions.

We, on the other hand, are a positive electron like a plug. When we “plug” into the Earth, we suffuse with free electrons, essentially grounding us. Originally known as grounding, today this is referred to as earthing.

According to Dr. Dickson Thom of Scottsdale’s The American Center for Biological Medicine and co-author of Bioregulatory Medicine, “The human body is largely a reflection of the Earth. Both are approximately 70% water, require energy to sustain life, and both have our own set of bioregulatory cycles designed to keep us alive.”

When we become overcharged, it leads to health ailments, diseases, and cancer. 

According to Jerry L. Tennant M.D., author of Healing is Voltage; The Handbook, the human body is controlled primarily by electronics (physics), not chemistry. For this reason, we must plug in. Today, we wear shoes and walk on floors, keeping us unplugged.

Things like a poor diet low in antioxidants; stress; inflammation; and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones, WIFI, wireless devices (including 5G), power lines along with appliances, and electronics contribute to an unhealthy charge. According to numerous studies, our environment is typically over the 50-60 Hz electromagnetic field, which leads to the concentration of free radicals enhancing damage to our body.

Is there any science to this? You bet. A 1995 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the U.S. Department of Energy study found that common exposure to EMFs from household electrical wires produce unnatural weak electric currents between human cells

According to Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, and Martin Zucker, the authors of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (Second Edition), more than a decade of observation and research has shown that the more time people spend in conductive contact with the Earth, the better they feel.

Studies have shown the simple act of earthing can reduce blood viscosity associated with cardiovascular disease, improve the immune system, reduce cortisol levels, inflammation, pain, stress, induce a better night of sleep and lead to general well-being.

How can we stay grounded? Upgrade your diet to include antioxidant and mineral-rich organic vegetables which keep your cells properly charged. Spend at least 15-30 minutes a day grounded to the Earth. Swim in water with movement; walk barefoot on wet or damp sand, dirt or grass; and sunbathe naked laying on the ground. Okay, so, maybe you are not quite ready for naked bathing. However, getting out in nature, walking, biking, or hiking also works. You need to actually connect with the ground. Bring a picnic, turn your phone off, kick your shoes off, connect with Mother Earth and her floor and enjoy your lunch.

Of course, we also have technology that can help, especially if we spend long hours in front of a computer surrounded by dirty electricity. There are devices known as grounding mats for under your desk or while sitting and watching television. You can also find grounding sheets for your bedroom. These are helpful especially if you are not getting a restful night of sleep. It lies at the bottom of your bed, like the grounding mat, with your bare feet or legs in contact.

For your home, you can install wall plug shields to help counter the effects of EMF exposure. There is also an EMF shielding paint made with graphite. You can add a timer to your WIFI programming it to turn off at night when it is not in use. Keep your phone on airplane mode while sleeping, replace fluorescent or CFL lightbulbs with LEDs. 

If this seems daunting, there is help. Check out Scottsdale’s Healthy House Doctors – a team of professionals, uniquely credentialed to help you create the safest, and healthy home (and office) environment.

If you are constantly ill, have headaches/migraines, have trouble sleeping, experience mood changes, feel zapped of energy, and no matter what you do, just can’t quite find the reason why, let me write you the perfect prescription. Fix the EMFs leaking in your home, get outside, and connect skin-to-earth with Mother Nature.

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