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Pets Reduce Their Carbon Paw Print – Part 6

By Rebecca Rhoades and Jordan Gerard

Pets benefit humans, so we are more than happy to shower them in love and happiness. When it comes to our pets, there’s little we wouldn’t do to ensure their happiness. We feed them human-grade foods, buy them luxurious furnishings, and indulge their cravings for Puppucinos. But our commitment to their health and happiness doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness have made their way into the pet industry, as consumers demand products for their four-legged and feathered friends that feature natural ingredients, come in recyclable packaging, and are made with sustainable processes.

As always, make sure to always speak with your veterinarian before introducing a new food or supplement into your pet’s diet.

Rainbow Cat Bed

Cats love the comfort and security of snug spaces. The Rainbow Eco Kitty Cave by Friendsheep offers a safe, cozy environment for cats and kittens. Hand-felted from 100% organic New Zealand wool, this feline retreat is chemical- and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, recyclable, and compostable. Each bed is hand-felted by women in Nepal who work in ethical conditions for fair wages. You’ll love the cheery rainbow print, and your cat will love the extra-large 20-inch diameter design. $72, friendsheepwool.com

Courtesy: Friendsheep Wool

Recycled Plastic Dog Bowl

Plastics make up 80% of all debris found in the world’s oceans. Cornwall, England-based company Ochien is putting that material to good use. Its dog bowls are made from 95% recycled plastic, fishing nets, and ropes that were removed from European and UK waters. Slightly less than 8 inches in diameter, the bowls, which are 100% recyclable themselves, are available in four fun shades to complement any decor. $26, fetchclubshop.co.uk

Courtesy: Fetch Club Shop

Super Swarm Black Soldier Fly Trio

Scout & Zoe offers pet treats and supplements from human-grade proteins that are sustainably sourced and nutritious — and just a little bit weird. Its Super Fly line is made with black soldier fly larvae, an eco-friendly protein source. The Super Swarm Trio includes 3 ounces each of jerky, dried larvae, and powdered food topper. All of the products, as well as a larvae oil, also are available individually. $55.68, scoutandzoes.com

Courtesy: Scout & Zoe’s

TAG Dog Toys

TAG Dog Toys are for dogs who dream of riding in a fire truck. These durable dog toys are made from repurposed and sanitized fire hoses by Boston firefighter Shannon Blair. Each toy design is tested by his own Boxer before it’s put on his Etsy shop. Toys include tug ropes and crinkly dry water bottles hidden in the piece of hose. Reviewers say these toys stand up to the toughest of chewers. Starting at $9.95, www.etsy.com/shop/TAGdogtoys

Find more Products featured on Green Living. Check our website throughout August for more eco-friendly products for pets.


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