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October 2020 – Cool Outrageous Stuff

Say ‘Om’

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Need to de-stress from the holidays? Get your Om on in an eco-friendly way when you use this mat from Corc Yoga. Corc Yoga’s 100% sustainable yoga mats are completely natural and biodegradable, and contain zero rubber or plastic. And, thanks to its honeycomb structure, cork is the ultimate anti- slip surface, as well as naturally resistant to dust and bacteria. It’s also lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion and space saver. $175 at www.corcyoga.com

The Good Wash

The Good Wash

Public Goods believes that our everyday choices can make a big impact on our planet, which is why they created eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment. The cruelty-free body wash, which is made with eco-friendly ingredients, is crafted with relaxing essential oils that nourish the skin. And, the company remains tree-free by using bamboo and sugarcane materials. $4.50 at www.publicgoods.com


October 2020 Cool Outrageous Stuff

Fall is the perfect time to light a candle in your home. Sadly, most candles are harmful for the environment. But fortunately for us, Sanari has created eco-friendly, plant-based candles. These organic candles, which are infused with natural essential oils, are made from a GMO- free coconut and soy wax blend that ensures your air remains clean as you relax. All candles are also handmade in reusable and recyclable glass containers. Fill your home with the coziness and natural smells of this fall season without any guilt. Prices vary at www.sanaricandle.com

Keep Clean

October 2020 COS

Babies and toddlers are notoriously messy when they eat, and bibs are generally a must. Forgo the plastic ones and reach for Bibito bibs. Made of nontoxic silicone, the bibs are recyclable—the company offers a “ship it back” program where they accept used bibs, clean them, and have them recycled. It is also an almost 100% plastic-free company. Even the shipping labels are recyclable (most aren’t).

The boxes and notecards are made of FSC and/or 100% post-consumer waste paper, and Bibito carbon-offsets its shipping and gives customers the option to do the same—it frequently ships orders in secondhand boxes. Additionally, the company donates a portion of sales to nonprofits fighting the climate crisis. $18 at www.bibitobaby.com

Scoot Around

October 2020 COS

The Micro Kickboard, Maxi is not only an eco form of travel and encourages outdoor play, but Micro is passionate about keeping toys out of landfills and makes all parts of the scooter replaceable—meaning it’s extremely durable and can be passed down through families. Perfect for ages 5-12. $139.99 at www.microkickboard.com

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