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Nokia Outlines Strategy for Sustainable Future, Growth in Market

By Zoe Soderquist

The electronics industry is one plagued by myriad environmental problems, spanning e-waste from disposal of devices, energy consumption concerns, unsustainable production processes, and the mining of rare earth minerals. With advances in technology occurring year after year, this trend shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

However, Nokia has started the year by unveiling a series of sustainable projects for the company that will revolutionize the phone industry, focusing on sustainability in a sector that needs it urgently. On February 8, Nokia announced its Sustainable Finance Framework that symbolizes the company’s commitment to eco-friendly values and development by connecting financial strategy to its updated ESG policies – a move that Pia Tanskanen, head of environment at Nokia in Finland, says means “doing well by doing good.”

Nokia is placing sustainability at the core of company values and aligning future company growth with sustainable production techniques to produce the greatest environmental impact. As part of these objectives, Nokia has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% between 2019 and 2030, in alignment with the global 1.5°C warming target.

Part of Nokia’s commitment to sustainability is also the launch of the X30 5G smartphone, which the company calls “the most eco-friendly smartphone” it has ever produced. The phone is made of 100 percent recycled aluminum and 65 percent recycled plastic. The company also plans to ship the phones in a box made from 70% recycled paper. Customers can select one of two colors for the device, which comes with a 6.58-inch display featuring a 120Hz refresh rate that revolutionizes performance. Powered by a 4500mAh battery, equivalent to two days of battery backup, the phone is both reliable and modern.


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