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He’s Green She’s Green: Natural Mouthwash

You might say that mouthwash isn’t the most romantic thing you can think of. But, if you hope to see some romance this Valentine’s Day, you may want to take a swish! Read on to find out which rinse will prep your pucker for sweet minty smooches!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANature’s Answer | PerioWash Cool Mint

He said:  Nature’s Answer’s mouthwash had a strong oregano flavor. It was like rinsing my mouth out with spaghetti sauce. It did a good job killing my coffee breath, but didn’t seem to last very long. If you’re favorite breakfast is a cold slice of pizza, this is your mouthwash.

He gave it: 3 Stars

She said:  Normally, eating Italian food would be a reason to reach for some mouthwash. So one has to wonder what oregano is doing in the mouthwash? While it does support tissue and gum health, it also dominates the flavor. Ugh.

She gave it: 2 Stars


Essential-OxygenEssential Oxygen | Brushing Rinse Peppermint

He said:  Sometimes simple is better. Essential Oxygen is essentially just water and peroxide with the slightest hint of mint. It cleared the lasagna dinner flavor and left no hint of it on my breath without socking me in my mouth like most mouthwashes do. A refreshing change.

He gave it: 5 Stars

She said:  As weak as this tasted, I didn’t expect good results. It tasted like water – which wasn’t a bad thing. Surprisingly, it did have a light minty aftertaste that reduced morning breath. Avoid swishing too long, or you’ll be frothing at the mouth like a rabid raccoon. Yup, that was me!

She gave it: 4 Stars



The Natural Dentist | Antigingivitis rinse, peppermint twist

He said:  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in this world that thinks aloe vera tastes awful. This Natural Dentist is basically just aloe vera gel and water, but they also add citric acid, peppermint, and cinnamon oil, so it’s pretty much flavor chaos. I needed some mouthwash after this mouthwash.

He gave it: 1 Stars

She said:  I was doing the twist alright, because this one tasted gnarly and stung my tongue. It left a minty, sour citrus flavor that, thankfully, didn’t last long. It didn’t prevent “nap breath” and instead left a strange taste upon waking.

She gave it: 1 Stars


Dessert-EssenceDesert Essence | Ultra Care, Mega Mint

He said: Desert Essence tasted almost lemony when it first hit the tongue, then the mega mint and tea tree flavors kicked in and blasted away breath funk. The bottle reminds me of a hand soap bottle, so keeping this one under the sink may lead to a very unpleasant morning.

He gave it: 4 Stars

She said:  There was just a slight tingle while swishing which was a nice change from the shocking, alcohol-containing variety. I was left with a perfectly minty-fresh pucker for about an hour. Tasted great and banished the bacteria!

She gave it: 5 Stars


Theraneem-NaturalsTheraneem Naturals | Herbal Mint Therape

He said: We are the knights who say Neem! Yes Monty Python, I couldn’t resist. Theraneem uses India’s breath-freshening plant Neem. It had a strong mint and anise flavor that I wasn’t a fan of at first, but it has grown on me. Plus it’s just a fun word to say …Neem!

He gave it: 3 Stars

She said: Smelled like watered-down Pine-sol – not a good start. It was non-stinging and had a mild flavor while swishing. If you can get past the awful “herbal celery” immediate aftertaste, it fades to a pleasant, refreshing mint flavor. My mouth felt clean!

She gave it: 3 Stars



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