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This popular formula is hydrating and brightens the skin. It gently cleanses away dirt, makeup, and excess oil with this soothing formula. Made for all skin types but especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin, this unique cleanser is made with Moringa seed oil, known for helping remove built-up sebum without irritating or causing redness.

The Miracle in the Green face wash is carefully balanced to handle any type of weather effects to your skin without over-stripping the skin. Moringa contains vitamins and minerals that nourishes the skin naturally. It contains 4x the vitamins found in carrots and 7x the Vitamin C of oranges.Moringa is the ultimate gift of nature to us. With this face wash, you get the best of both worlds, having all the nutrition’s that Moringa has to offer while also having the vitamins offered by the aloe vera plant. This gentle face cleanser softens and hydrates without leaving residue. This product is free of harmful parabens. Toxic-free, alcohol-free, 100% clean, No artificial colors, scents. No dyes. No GMO-sourced ingredients. Meticulously curated and researched to create the best product possible for your delicate skin.
We are committed to the sustainability and environmental impact of our wellness, baby, and beauty products which are made from renewable resources found in plant-derived ingredients. We are particular about the recyclability of the components we use to package them. Also, we stay committed to innovative processes and progress in the green industry. Thanks!


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