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MODUS Development Presents Arizona’s First Zero-Energy Townhomes

By Elizabeth Hoffman

Last week MODUS Development revealed its first of four zero-energy projects, MZ Townhomes in Old Town Scottsdale, with the second phase of the project launching this fall.

Developed by MODUS, the leading maker of an eco-conscious environment, the building structure exhibits eight exquisite townhomes, finished off with diverse features that allow for a luxurious atmosphere.

“To have multiple spaces that not only provide a modern, chic appeal and space-saving design but also utilize a variety of sustainable amenities to provide a net-zero energy consumption is quite the feat,” stated Ed Gorman, Founder of MODUS Development. “And we’re proud to be the first to fulfill that need in the marketplace.”

The townhomes start at $499,900 and include the following features:

  • Heating ventilation
  • Rooftop mounted solar panels
  • Cooling systems with a 14 SEER heat pump
  • Roof technology which offers extra insulation
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Hybrid water
  • And more environmentally friendly amenities!

The next three zero-energy developments by MODUS Development will be unveiled in the year to come, and concentrate on improving design, setting, and technology.

The next project, the Equinox Apartments in Scottsdale, is the result of a partnership with Viridis Group. It will be a multi-family housing complex and is scheduled to have its grand opening on March 20 of this year. The company’s third zero-energy project will be complete by this summer and will be in close proximity to Granite Reef and McDowell Road in Scottsdale.


  1. Local Realtors like me are excited to hear about this project and looking forward to selling these high-performing smart homes to buyers. I have a checklist prepared for selling and transferring solar and smart homes like these and can share.


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