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Luxurious Isolation

In a year dominated by social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, Amangiri—a 600-acre luxury resort tucked away in a protected valley of southern Utah—serves as a blueprint for what hospitality, wellness and travel could look like in a post-COVID-19 world.

In the isolated desert of southern Utah, encircled by piercing red rock formations, national parks and towering sandstone buttes, lies Amangiri—a destination resort that invented the rules for socially distanced travel long before it was cool—or even required, for that matter. 

Opened in 2009 and located only 20 miles outside of the Navajo Reservation, the luxurious retreat boasts an unparalleled reputation for its casual grandeur, ability to balance adventure and tranquility, and the impressive list of guests who frequent the property—which includes everyone from A-list celebrities to Silicon Valley’s top billionaires. 

The concept comes from Aman Resorts—the international luxury hotel group founded in 1988. Since its inception, the group has taken the allure of experiential travel to a whole new level through remote resort locations, restrained design concepts, and a mission to create spaces that feel less like a hotel, and more like a haven of peace.

Amangiri Amangiri Suite Desert Lounge

Anthony Andra, the spa manager and a wellness aficionado at Amangiri, believes that the brand serves as a blueprint for the future of travel.

“When reassessing travel in a post-COVID-19 world, it is important to go back to Aman’s roots as the pioneer in this ultra-luxury and niche segment of hideaway resorts,” says Andra. “In numerous ways, the generosity of space and efforts to slow down time have always been firmly ingrained in Aman’s DNA. This definitely applies to Amangiri—from the architecture and design of the suites to the low room count and subtle service.”

Amangiri, USA - Pavilion & Swimming Pool Dusk

The delicate and unconventional stillness of the resort makes guests feel as if they’ve been transported to a simpler time—one with less of the noise brought on by the modern world. The cost of staying at the property is, however, a bit more complicated—with rates starting at $2,000 per night. 

A typical stay will encompass early morning outdoor activities, an afternoon of relaxation, and an early bedtime. And while guests can enjoy a number of physical activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking and yoga sessions with crystal sound bowls, it’s the wellness activities and spa that get the most attention from visitors.

The property’s proximity to the Navajo Reservation inspires a lot of the cultural offerings that are incorporated all throughout the DNA of the resort—particularly, at the Spa at Amangiri. The Hózhó healing massages—a restorative therapy which encourages the notion of being in tune with your inner self and in harmony with the world—and the Sage Smudging Ceremony—performed before each treatment as a means to drive away negative energy and restore balance—are two prime examples of this.

Amangiri, USA - Suite

“Living in harmony with the universe and acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings with a spirit of their own are at the core of many Navajo rituals that inspire the holistic approach of Amangiri.” 

For more information on Amangiri, visit www.aman.com.


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