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Letter from the Publisher

Letter to the Publisher - April 2020

Dear Readers,

I hope that you and your family and friends are healthy and safe during these uncertain times.

Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! This year’s Earth Day does not look the way that we anticipated…

On a good news note, it is time to review some of the environmental blessings that are taking place. We are connecting with our families, our homes, and neighbors. We are seeing people connect to nature and get outside to hike and bike. I went to the park last Sunday and saw people enjoying the outdoors while maintaining the recommended 6 feet social distancing. The skies and oceans are blue, and we are seeing a reduction in global carbon emissions. We have a dramatic decrease in fossil fuels. The air pollution is lower because there are significantly fewer planes in the sky. We are using technology to connect with our clients, family, and friends. We are seeing wildlife in new places. On the flipside, we have an increase in both medical waste and other types of waste (for example, coffee stores that are no longer taking to-go cups for sanitation reasons, increasing the number of disposable cups now used).

In this annual Earth Day issue, enjoy our cover story, which is Q&A with Mike McMahon of Agave Farms and the new project, Fresh Food Collab. Learn how he is engaging the community in urban farming and about his nonprofit, Urban Farming Education. Also, writer David Brown talks about what has taken place in the past 50 years of the EPA’s existence, and Ivy Ciolli engages us regarding what is happening with the possible ecosystem extinction of wild horses.

Then, flip to an informative article on Nikola Corporation, a company that is an innovator in the transportation world, and learn about its eco-friendly headquarters. Plus, Kait Spielmaker shares a good news article, and Kim Pham and Dr. Mark Morgan explain why Vietnam is a place that you will want to visit (when we can travel again!).

April is planting season, so learn from Emily Rockey why nutrient soil is so important; and last but not least, read about all the different products that can be made with hemp and where you can purchase them.

I encourage all of you to do something to celebrate Earth Day and make Earth Day every day!

Please contact us to let us know what you will do to celebrate. I can be reached through social media or email at dorie@greenlivingaz.com.

Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day, stated, “I urge you to make Earth Day a lifelong pursuit so that future generations may enjoy and pass along the bounties of our land, air and water.”

While you are remote, subscribe to our print, digital issue and newsletter so we can be in your mailbox or inbox.

Spread the sunshine and love,
Dorie Morales



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