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Interior Design Inspiration for Holistic Living

Holistic living or holistic interior design is focused on supporting wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of the people who inhabit a space.

“There is no place like home” is a saying often used to express how we feel about our most personal space… our home. Our home is that unique place that, just like us, is one-of-a-kind.

This personifies holistic interior design. Sometimes it is called interior design for well-being. This approach is focused on supporting wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of the people who inhabit a space. Just like holistic medicine considers and treats the whole person rather than the symptoms alone, holistic design considers and creates for the whole person, rather than the visual or particular space’s form and function alone. After all, the room has no feelings, YOU do! Especially today, the needs for our home are intensified.

A holistic home is the place where we create relationships with ourselves, the people we live with, and the people we invite in. Holistic living brings about a greater happiness and well-being, and is supported and nurtured when we are in our most personal spaces. It takes it to a deeper, healing level. Our home is the only place we can actually control and effect change in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, we are making choices and decisions that will bring about a better and longer-lasting quality of life.

Also, our home is an expression of our taste, style, and personality. By making decorating decisions and choosing the items we want to live with, we are making statements about our nature, behavior, and beliefs. It is no wonder that when you enter someone’s home, you become acquainted with the whole person. Where we live, how we live, and how we express our outer selves is really a depiction of our innermost story. That is the true “interior” design, expressed in an exterior way. It is the ultimate place where you can be true to yourself, and live an authentic lifestyle. Be tuned in to your reactions when making selections of colors, shapes, textures, finishes, patterns, and materials, because the selections we choose to surround us and tell our story reflect our lifestyle and well-being, including their effect on our health, stress levels, and productivity. Since our feelings dictate our living experience, we need to be aware and be sensitive to our surroundings at all times. We are affected largely through our basic five senses… what we see, smell, taste, hear, and touch. We also need to consider our senses of space and breath.

Holistic design approaches each person’s space with attention to that individual’s uniqueness. When designing holistically, color psychology, Biophilia, environmental psychology, human biology, and ergonomics are major considerations, among other areas of study such as design environments that look pretty, function well, and actually make you healthier. It’s no longer weird or “woo-woo” to talk about our spiritual health or to take time to care for our minds and bodies. Just consider the popularity of yoga, or all of the studies emphasizing the importance of rest, mindfulness, and meditation.

This simply acknowledges how much environments affect our health and wellness, far beyond what we can see or even feel. So many of these factors are unconscious. Personal awareness is key. When we have this consciousness, we can take action to create the most perfect personal environment possible to bring us joy, peace, and comfort. When we bring in another’s style or choices as seen somewhere else, we are not being true to ourselves. Once we are aware of what we need and want to fulfill our desires, we can put it into action. To achieve this place of contentment, I have branded my method called Bajaro (www.thebajaromethod.com). Its three simple steps are understanding, accepting, and allowing.

First, we must understand ourselves by listening to our heart and mind to discover what makes us feel good and happy. When we understand the choices that bring us pleasure in our environment, we are able to move on to acceptance.

Second is acceptance of those choices that make up who we are, and we can openly receive the information to give ourselves the courage to move forward fearlessly to decorate with what we like, want, and need. It may be through new eyes, but there is nothing wrong with questioning it until you are comfortable with your choices. By doing so, you are making sure that it is authentically your choice and not influenced from a magazine, trend or friend.

The third step is allowing. This is when action is taken to make decisions about purchasing, renovation, and bringing in experts for the necessary changes for the outcome you desire. These steps will inevitably help you design your personal spaces while expressing your holistic you!

Most of all, since we are always in an environment, be sensitive to how you feel in every space. Notice what feels good and what doesn’t, whether in public or private, don’t settle. Always and in all ways, do what you can to make it right for you. After all…it is YOUR holistic life!

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