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Innovative Tesla Car Share Program Offers Corridor Travel Service

A sweet ride available across Arizona

Need a ride? When traveling to Tucson or Flagstaff from Metro Phoenix, Arizonans are often faced with a challenge because it’s too close to fly, but too far to use a traditional ride-share company like Uber or Lyft. To address this challenge, a new service unlike anything else in the U.S. recently launched. And now, Arizonans will be able to travel seamlessly from Phoenix to Tucson or Phoenix to Flagstaff thanks to an innovative new Tesla Car Share Program called Falcon Line.

Unlike typical rideshare companies that focus on short distances in metropolitan areas, Falcon Line is helping travelers move further distances—customarily between 75 and 200 miles—in Tesla-style, minimizing costs, stress, and inconvenience. This type of travel is coining a term called “corridor travel.”  

“Flying between Phoenix and Flagstaff is expensive and inconvenient; using a bus or shuttle service is less expensive, but the experience is pretty undesirable, and driving yourself on the I-17 for two or more hours is unproductive and frankly stressful. That’s where Falcon Line comes into play,” explains Michael Puhala, Falcon Line CEO and founder. “We recently rolled out the premium corridor travel service from Phoenix to Tucson with great customer feedback, and now we are adding Phoenix to Flagstaff to our offerings.”

Falcon Line offers fully electric, premium, business-class service from point A to point B with professional drivers in a fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles. Passengers can book a single seat or reserve the entire car for their journey. To make sure there is no lapse in productivity, cars are equipped with retractable desks in the back seats, 5G Wi-Fi, and more amenities to make personal and business travel smooth.

“Today’s travelers want a consistent experience that is safe, convenient and mindful,” says Puhala. “Falcon Line was born with this consumer in mind. Plus, not only does Tesla provide a gold standard luxury travel experience, it is an electric car that’s better for the environment, and as an added benefit, can use the HOV lane during high-traffic times.”

Booking a ride is simple. Travelers can schedule one-way or roundtrip travel online at www.ridefalcon.com. Fares range from $100 for a single seat to $250 for the whole car. Reservations are arranged in advance to ensure accommodations can be met. Subscription services will be available for frequent passengers who travel often between Falcon Line metropolitan areas. Phoenix to Flagstaff trips will run limited options Thursday to Sunday initially, with an option to expand later in the year.

There are two pickup and drop-off locations in Phoenix, including one in North Scottsdale and a second near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. There is one pickup and drop-off location in Tucson at La Encantada Shopping Center. In Flagstaff, there are two pickup and drop-off locations: Forest Highlands and the Marriott Courtyard. 

When travelers book a seat, it’s a point-to-point drop off. If travelers book the entire car, they will get an added benefit of door-to-door service.  

Travelers can also breathe easy as they travel in style, knowing the Tesla Model X vehicles have an advanced air purifying system, and the vehicles are sanitized after each trip, allowing travelers to feel safer than flying or sitting in a passenger van in the COVID-19 era.

Falcon Line’s program provides users a premium travel service in parts of the U.S. where there are no premium corridor travel options.

The company has identified 32 additional corridors across the U.S. for potential expansion in 2021 including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Texas. The company’s goals include expanding to 10 corridors by the end of next year, and 25 corridors in the next five years. For more information or to book your travel with Falcon Line, visit www.ridefalcon.com


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