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In Conversation with Vessl Ambassador & GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, Miguel

Vessl™ is truly a unique product—one that CEO Walter Apodaca is excited to share with the market, and one that has drawn GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and global artist Miguel to join the team as a creative advisor and sustainability ambassador.

What is Vessl? It is a patented, pressurized dosing and dispensing system in the form of closure or bottle cap, which automatically propels and instantly mixes concentrated ingredients into a base container.

“Many consumer products that are packaged in bottles, such as beverages, have water as their primary ingredient. By storing the concentrated active ingredients in the Vessl closure, these same products can be sold in environmental and ecommerce-friendly multipacks, consisting of a single reusable bottle and multiple Vessl refills,” Apodaca explains. ”Once the initial bottle has been used, simply refill it with water and reuse the bottle by twisting on another Vessl.

“Why ship water? It’s available at home, at work, and on the go. Vessl allows us to eliminate the unnecessary transport of these products and their associated single use bottle waste.”

We sat down with Apodaca and Miguel to chat about the company.

Why did you become involved with Vessl?

Miguel: I’ve been looking for alternative solutions that can reduce carbon emissions and eliminate single-use plastic for some time, and I knew this was the company to align with. I had to be involved with Vessl once I saw how great their technology was, and how large of an impact the brand would make on the world. I personally have a deep passion for sustainability and together we will drive positive change in a quantifiable way. 

What does being an ambassador for the company mean to you?

M: I get to use my platform to educate people about alternative solutions that I believe in. Being an ambassador allows me to use my creativity in a way to make a positive impact to the future of the Earth. 

How will your company, Schedule 1 Concepts, be involved?

M: Schedule 1 Concepts will lead the design of limited-edition reusable bottles that support all Vessl-powered beverages.

What types of sustainability do  you practice in your own life?

M: I’ve been driving an electric vehicle for some time now and our household does not use plastic water bottles ever. In general, I make a large effort to minimize single use plastics in my everyday life. I’m also a big supporter in sustainable fashion.

What is on the horizon for you in addition to Vessl?

M: As you know, I’m working on the reusable bottle program and Kalvara products with Vessl. Separate from that, music, film, and sustainable fashion.

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