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Debbie Matenopoulos’ Ikaria Beauty Is An Ode to Clean, Greek Skincare

Everything to know about the Emmy winner's latest skincare venture

Debbie Matenopoulos has no shortage of talents—and her versatility as a journalist and lifestyle expert has led her to maintain an expansive career working as an Emmy-nominated TV journalist and host on Hallmark. But through her latest venture—a clean skincare line known as Ikaria Beauty—Matenopoulos is finding new ways to connect with her fanbase and challenge the beauty industry, in the process.

The Greek island of Ikaria boasts a reputation for longevity-focused approaches to beauty and wellness—deriving many traditional living techniques from natural dieting and holistic wellness.

Through a collection of wellness supplements and skincare products that draw on the star’s own Greek roots and California lifestyle, Ikaria Beauty is offering a refreshing adaptation to the classic skincare routine—one that’s rooted in harnessing clean Greek principles and seamlessly implementing them into every formula.

Photo courtesy Ikaria Beauty.

“I have had skin allergies my whole life and have spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that did not irritate my skin,” said Matenopoulos, in regard to what inspired her to found Ikaria Beauty. “I could never find anything that worked so I looked to my roots and decided to create something similar to the skincare routines my Greek relatives have been using for centuries.”

Now, thanks to the thoughtful development of Ikaria, the age-defying power of Mediterranean living is available globally.

“For centuries women in Greece and the Mediterranean have been using natural products from the area that are incredibly effective to keep their skin looking youthful, vibrant, and healthy. If you look at the people who live in that part of the world you will notice they look decades younger than they actually are, despite spending so much time in the sun. They also live much longer healthier lives than most other people around the world,” said Matenopoulos. “I love that I am able to share these age old and age defying tips that my family and so many others in the Mediterranean have been practicing for years.”

In an effort to maintain a strong commitment to clean development, the team at Ikaria Beauty compiled a list of over 50 harmful ingredients that are commonly used in the beauty industry, and has relied on the list as a sort of template in regard to “what not to use” when formulating their product lineups.

Photo courtesy Ikaria Beauty.

“We test and review all of our product formulations from beginning to end to ensure we only have the best ingredients.”

Among the most favored products in the collection are: the Daytime Fyto Retinol Serum, the Skin Renewing Youth Elixir, and the Ageless Beauty Balm—all of which aim to cultivate younger, healthier, and more radiant skin.

Looking ahead, fans of Ikaria Beauty can hopefully anticipate a more expansive lineup of products to incorporate into their daily skincare routine.

“I would like to expand into an entire range that covers everything from a cleansing foam, masks, sunscreen, firming and toning body butters, salt scrubs and bath soaks. All of the products will invoke the feels and the smells of the Mediterranean. The sky’s the limit really.”

For more information on Ikaria Beauty and to purchase the products, visit www.ikariabeauty.com.

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