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How to Celebrate National Wildlife Day

Our planet—and the wildlife it supports—deserves love every day. But since today is National Wildlife Day, it’s the perfect excuse to practice even more gratitude for the incredible and abundant wildlife that surrounds us. Our planet boasts an array of unique animals and diverse species that deserve protection and freedom. Here are several ways to celebrate National Wildlife Day:

Clean up your local park

Cleaning up a local beach or park is an easy way to preserve the health of local wildlife, and it also benefits the planet in the process. Consider connecting with local community leaders or government officials to arrange these sorts of activities. Not only will your work help to beautify your neighborhood, but it will similarly honor the wildlife that makes it so special.

Support your local zoo or aquarium

Visiting a zoo or aquarium is both a fun activity and a simple act of support for local wildlife. Many zoos and aquariums dedicate their entire mission to protecting and rehabilitating animals that have been endangered. Purchasing an admission ticket and taking time to learn about the wildlife that they’re protecting will support their advocacy efforts and provide additional financial support that can help them to care for even more animals.

Donate to a conservation organization

If you’re not keen on the idea of leaving your house or you’re still practicing strict social distancing guidelines, there are other alternatives that will allow you to join in on the fun of celebrating National Wildlife Day—without feeling like you’re putting yourself at risk. The easiest option is to simply donate to a local nonprofit or conservation organization that’s doing the manual work required to protect and preserve the environment. Be sure to also do your research so that you can verify where exactly your money is going if you do make a donation.

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Article written by Kyley Warren. Warren is the assistant editor of Green Living Magazine.



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