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Homes at KARMA New Home Community Offers Cutting-Edge Integrated Electrical Systems from SPAN

In an age of smart home tech, the time has come for the 100-year-old electrical panel to get a much-needed reboot.

Enter SPAN, a San Francisco-based start-up founded in 2020 by Arch Rao, former head of engineering at Tesla Energy. With a vision of a clean energy future, the company recently introduced a revolutionary app-controlled home electrical panel designed to both enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home.

“The SPAN panel makes it simple for homeowners to monitor their home’s energy use with an easy-to-use app from their phone,” Rao said. “We put the information and controls for your home’s electrical system in your pocket, so you can optimize power from any location.”

The SPAN smart electrical panel helps homeowners understand how their home is sourcing, storing and using energy in real-time. There’s also an EV home charging station that pairs with its panels. This revolutionary new system is included with all home purchases at KARMA.

“I was introduced to the SPAN team at exactly the right time, as I was preparing to launch my new KARMA community in North Central Phoenix,” architect and developer Jason Boyer, founder of Boyer Vertical said. “Everything about SPAN was a match with my vision for these homes – the efficiency, convenience, environmental focus and of course the aesthetics of these revolutionary products.”

The SPAN panel offers a refreshing take on the traditional clunky electrical panel, with its sleek white design that has earned rave reviews from media, tech enthusiasts and designers since its debut. The panel integrates with home charging stations and battery systems, so that backup power is available in the event of an outage.

SPAN was named one of the 10 most innovative energy companies in 2022 by Fast Company and the KARMA community by Boyer Vertica is coming soon to North Central Phoenix.

Learn more at karmaphx.com and span.io


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