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He’s Green, She’s Green – Treats & Gifts

How is it possible that another year has gone by both so slowly and in the blink of an eye? Whew, well, what matters is right now – the present. And presents? Kidding! But, if you are looking for gifts, we chose a few products that could be gifts, or treats for yourself. We hope you all get to spend the holidays with your loved ones and we wish you all the best in health and prosperity for the New Year!

Simple Truth

Coconut Papaya Hydrating Body Oil

He Said: Coconut oil is like Frank’s Red hot sauce – you can put that stuff on everything. I don’t normally do body oil, so I thought this was going to be a greasy mess for sure. Took a little time to absorb into my working man hands, but absorbed nearly instantly everywhere else. This wasn’t the right scent for me, but I did like the way my skin felt after using it. 

4 stars

She Said: A little PSA first: After applying, do NOT drive a car or operate heavy machinery. And without a doubt, do not play Twister – that’s an ER trip waiting to happen. What I’m saying is, a little goes a LONG way, and it takes a while to absorb. Worth it though, to relive that awful wintry dry skin, and it smells nice too – like that tropical vacation you might be dreaming about right now.

4 stars


Gift: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Organic Founder’s Blend Whole Bean Coffee  

He Said: The Pacific Northwest loves their coffee, and we are no exception. I have to get up before sunup most workdays, so I need a good strong cup o’ joe just to get me out the door, and this Founder’s blend was just what the doctor ordered. A delicious, chocolatey, light to medium roast coffee that was tasty with or without cream and sugar. Yum-my!

5 stars

She Said:  I’m more of the “hey, have some coffee with your sugar” type coffee drinker, but I really do enjoy the taste of a medium roast coffee. It’s just tough to find one that I can enjoy straight-up. I was stoked (figuratively and literally) to find this “Founder’s” blend, which I could drink black if I reeeeeally wanted to, though it was perfect with a sprinkle of sugar to bring out those vanilla and cocoa aromas. 

4 stars


Gift: Good Karma

Plant-Based Holiday Nog

He Said: This one gets a plant-based holiday “no” from me. You can make this drink at home with just a few ingredients. Take one half glass of regular eggnog and add one half glass of cold water, then remove two thirds of the flavor and presto – you have made Good Karma nog! This one is only good if you’re vegan or you’ve never tasted regular eggnog ever in your life. 

2 stars

She Said: I get that this is a much healthier nog option, with less food-poisoning risk to boot, but would it kill ya to load up on the spices a bit? It already has an uphill battle in the creamy department (and my dairy-sensitive self appreciates this vegan version), but the consistency is similar to almond milk, so you gotta kick it up in the flavor area. Our kids liked it at least, but I’ll keep searching.

3 stars

my-matcha-stickGift: Cocokind 

My Matcha All-over Moisture Stick

He Said:  You wouldn’t be able to tell from my picture up there, but I get some serious bags under my eyes, especially when I’m tired. Like, “going camping for a week duffle-bag” eyes. Anyways. I gave this one a shot since under eye is one of the recommended uses on this elephant-sized chapstick tube and I gotta say it does help. Now I have “overnight backpack” bags. No noticeable smell or taste on this one either.

4 stars  

She Said: I love that this all-purpose moisturizer is the size of a large lip balm! It can fit in your pocket, purse, or Christmas stocking *hint-hint*. With only 3 organic ingredients, you can safely apply it on any dry skin, leaving it smooth, a little shiny (tiny bit greasy) and fragrance-free. I get why they named it “MYmatcha” – because you won’t want to share.

5 stars

Schilling-Hard-CiderGift: Schilling Hard Cider

Spiced Chai “Chaider”

He Said: Y’all have pumpkin spice season and I have apple cider season. For me it just isn’t the holidays until I’ve had a cup of hot apple cider. This Schilling hard cider blended two worlds nicely. Tart apples with all the peppery cardamom, cinnamon and clove flavors of chai. Not quite enough spice to be a hot apple cider (I tried), but very drinkable straight out the can. 

4 stars

She Said: Honestly, I expected this to be very weird. Chai is delicious, and so is hard cider – but mixed together? Weird. But that adorable little owl on the can won me over, and I was not disappointed. The spices went really well with the sweet apple flavor. Tasted exactly like you’d think a winter hard cider should taste like. Not fully organic – hard to find in adult beverages – but all the spices are at least!

4 stars


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