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Going Green with Go-Karts

Zero emission go-karting is here! Scottsdale’s Octane Raceway prides itself on keeping up with the latest and greatest go-kart racing technology, and as such is introducing a new fleet of 32 electric Sodi RSX2 racing karts from Europe. Known as the most advanced indoor go-kart, the Sodi RSX2 offers the latest technologies featuring a synchronous motor with integrated power control,10,000 RPM for max torque, top speeds of 45 MPH, adjustable pedals for distance and height, and F1 steering. With impressive electronic advances and a sleek modern design, RSX2 is sure to provide top performance. $24 per race, for more information visit https://www.octaneraceway.com/


Paperless Paper

Do you strive to be eco-conscious with digital tablets but miss the simplicity and satisfaction of a paper notebook? reMarkable 2 may be the answer with its next-generation paper tablet, which offers a revolutionary way to take notes, read, and review documents all with a paper-like feel. This low-latency tablet provides everything to love about paper without the environmental cost. By cultivating a distraction-free experience without any notification pop-ups, this product allows you to focus and think freely. With reMarkable 2, you can take handwritten notes and convert them into text, take notes on PDFs, read and organize documents, and sync with your computer, smartphone, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Try the Marker and Marker Plus stylus to elevate your note taking with exceptionally precise detail. reMarkable 2 $299/ Marker $79/ Marker Plus $129 https://remarkable.com/


For the Indoor Gardener

Gardening isn’t just for those with a yard! Rise Gardens offers the perfect gift this season for the garden lover in your life. Indoor gardening is made easy and convenient with Rise Garden’s self-watering, hydroponic garden, which uses 95% less water than traditional gardening methods. Fresh, delicious, nutrient-packed foods can be grown year round, such as microgreens, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, eggplants, bok choy, herbs, and more! Guided by a mobile app, which provides step-by-step instructions, gardeners are alerted when to add water and nutrients, and even when to harvest their plants. Choose up to 80 individual seed varieties or pre-packaged bundles that can be used to grow pizza toppings, ingredients for smoothies, homemade tea, and more. The Personal Garden grows up to 12 plants at once, while the Family Garden allows for up to three levels of growth, additional trellises, and stands for vining plants to grow up to 108 plants at once. $349 for Personal Garden / $679+ for Family Garden https://risegardens.com/

No People, No Problem

The first company in Phoenix to launch a public ride-hail service with no human behind the wheel over two years ago, Waymo has announced its Waymo One ride hailing service, the first-ever paid airport trips for external riders at Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport—with an autonomous specialist present for now. With Phoenix’s fast growing population, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has become one of the 10 busiest airports in the world. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego states, “Phoenix leads the nation in demonstrating autonomous vehicle technology, science, and safety. Waymo One service to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport marks our city’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements that will impact the world.” Planning to travel to or from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport? Download Waymo One app on the App Store or Google Play to join the Trusted Tester program.



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