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Get to Know CarolAnn Tutera, the Leader Behind SottoPelle Therapy

The co-founder and CEO of SottoPelle Therapy, is proving through her company and inimitable confidence, that age really is just a number.

The narrative surrounding aging has long been a complicated one. In a season of life that should be met with relief and freedom, millions of women and men are instead confronting something completely different—a lack of energy and vitality, general body discomforts, a decrease in the quality of their health, and the psychological toll often brought forth as a result of it all. Simply put, the notion of “getting older” hasn’t historically been seen as something to celebrate. But CarolAnn Tutera, the leader behind SottoPelle Therapy, is on a mission to debunk that belief—and she has the science to support it.

SottoPelle began as a shared dream between CarolAnn and her now-late husband, esteemed physician Dr. Gino Tutera. With more than two decades of experience, the company still maintains the same commitment to improving the quality of life for others— particularly, those over the age of 50.

SottoPelle achieves this by educating and training medical providers on the methodology of working with bioidentical pellet hormones. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), in particular, involves the insertion of small, rice-sized pellets just underneath the skin, which help to provide a smooth input of hormones that work to restore hormonal imbalances and counter deficiencies in both men and women.

BHRT is said to be an effective treatment for menopause, and provides a number of other health benefits, including the preservation of bone density against fluctuating levels of estrogen and testosterone, protection against diseases and ailments associated with hormone decline, and an improved sexual function.

Photo of CarolAnn Tutera.

The science behind the therapy is specific, and the established reputation of the company has helped to cement SottoPelle as a central innovator within the field of hormone replacement therapy.

“We’ve always followed the science of the pellets. We’re always doing lab work, where a lot of others don’t. It was Dr. Tutera who was first working in this space when he learned about pellets in 1992,” says Tutera, on what sets SottoPelle apart from others in the industry.

Tutera herself saw the benefits of hormone therapy when she began experiencing menopausal systems in her early 40s. Now, she’s made it her mission to empower people to lean into the process of aging and improve their quality of life with the help of SottoPelle Therapy.

The SottoPelle brand is committed to supporting people through achievable and natural, medically based approaches that are meant to inspire clients to address all areas of their life and health—from physical fitness, to mental and emotional well-being.

“We’ve kept our fees nominal for patients in the medical offices and for doctors to train because Dr. Tutera and I both believed that it’s not about the money—it’s about making sure that people understand what they’re doing and that they are provided the best method of hormone therapy that there is,” says Tutera.

Visit www.sottopelletherapy.com for more information about Tutera and SottoPelle Therapy.

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