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Fresh Food Collab – Closing the Gap on Food Inequality

Fresh Food Collab

In Arizona alone, food insecurity is estimated to affect 2 million Arizonans each year. With nearly 30% of the population considered working poor, access to adequate food is a consistent problem—one made even more difficult through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agave Farms

Mike McMahon, founder of Agave Farms and Urban Farming Education (UFE), and Dorie Morales, publisher of Green Living Magazine, are hoping to reshape the narrative surrounding food scarcity through their new collaboration, FRESH FOOD COLLAB.

Fresh Food Collab

The initiative works to redirect surplus food to those in need, while also educating them regarding how to produce their own. The volunteer-driven collaboration has already hosted several events, with each one feeding over 500 families through the distribution of over 20,000 pounds of food.

Fresh Food Collab

Join FRESH FOOD COLLAB on its journey to end hunger and support its local communities. For more information on FRESH FOOD COLLAB and volunteering opportunities, visit their website or Facebook page.
—Kyley Warren


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