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Five Sustainable And Local Brands to Shop For Your Spring Wardrobe

  1. Revari 

An online boutique dedicated to affordable, sustainable, fair trade and ethically made fashion and home goods. They share the stories behind the artisans, garment workers and sustainable brands to make you feel more connected with those who are making your product. To take a closer look at their Eco Ethics make sure to check out https://www.shoprevari.com/pages/eco-ethics-guide and to shop Revari visit https://www.shoprevari.com 

2. Applause Lingerie

Erin Donaghy founded Applause Lingerie to create sustainable lingerie that makes women feel beautiful while contributing to the planet’s beauty. All her designs are created in Tuscon, Arizona where she upcycles clothing or uses deadstock fabric whenever possible. To shop Applause Lingerie visit https://applauselingerie.com

3. Redemption Market

The name “Redemption” sprouted from the idea of taking some of the darkest situations intended for evil and redeeming the good. Redemption Market is passionate about redeeming dignity and purpose to those who feel trapped in the cycle of poverty or have had something stolen from them. Every purchase supports a cause as they connect customers with the artisans who benefit from your purchase. They have sustainable handbags, jewelry, clothing and home goods from all around the world. You can find them at The Mercantile of Scottsdale and The Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market on Saturdays. To shop online visit https://redemptionmarket.com/?variant=39634853494887

4. Eco-Stylist

Eco-Stylist was founded on the premise of bringing men to the sustainable fashion conversation but they’re continuing to expand what they consumer base looks like every day. Using Remake’s sustainable brand criteria, they take the time to vet each brand before their partner with them to bring you the fashion that checks all your boxes. To shop Eco-Stylist visit https://www.eco-stylist.com

5. Label By Three

Three sisters, all women of color, created Label By Three due to their combined passion for slow fashion, inclusivity and the action behind what makes a brand ethical. Their clothing is handmade by women in Arizona who are paid a fair wage and the company uses deadstock fabrics or locally made materials. They reuse and repurpose where they can to help bring you sustainable pieces to shop from. Visit their online store, https://www.labelbythree.com


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