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Staycation in Your Chemical-Free Backyard

“We had just completed our pool renovation, and I really did not want to put traditional chemicals into our new beautiful pool. I happened to grab Green Living magazine from the grocery store and opened it to find an advertisement about “no chemicals” in your pool. I thought WOW… I was just thinking about this for our new pool! I called Exceptional Water Systems to learn more about their technology. After our installation, we found there were more advantages than just a pure clean pool that was safe to swim in. Both my husband and I have battled with inflammation from past injuries and lived with frequent pain. We soon learned that these nano-bubbles also infused our bodies with oxygen. As we spent time in our pool, we noticed our pains had subsided and we felt great! We love our clean, crystal-clear, chlorine-free pool, and we highly recommend Exceptional Water Systems to every pool owner across the valley and the country!”

-Beth and Craig Tieken

Exceptional Water Systems and Pure Vision Technologies utilize natural elements to balance water. We are committed to making water pure!

Water is undoubtedly one of the most precious elements on earth. It is also undoubtedly one of the most mysterious elements to understand as well. This so-called precious and mysterious element is also responsible for providing life to almost every living creature on earth. You would think we as human life would know much more about it since it is our lifeline to life itself. Instead, most people know very little about it and don’t even put much thought into it at all.

For us at Exceptional Water Systems, water is everything! Our quest for attaining the highest level of water quality begins with a better understanding of water itself. Who would be a better teacher than mother nature herself? That’s right… mother nature is truly the pro when it comes to providing us with the highest level of quality water that is filled with the minerals, nutrients, and pH balance we need for healthy living. So… the question is, would you rather swim in a fresh crystal-clear stream of water supplied from the side of a mountain that hasn’t been tainted by man and industrialization or would you rather swim in a chemical infested hole in the back yard we call a swimming pool? Well, that’s an easy decision for me… I’ll take the stream! I think, in saying that, I could speak for most people as well.

Exceptional Water Systems has been researching and developing systems that provide natural sanitation to swimming pools, spas, and water features for almost 10 years. We’ve found that by increasing the dissolved oxygen content in water increases the health of the water exponentially. Did you know that a Lake is considered “healthy” based on the level of oxygen present in the water? The higher the oxygen level the healthier the lake and as it loses oxygen it becomes more algae ridden and kills off the fish. Why is this important to understand for swimming pools? Because it is ONE of the baselines in understanding water quality for natural life.

Ozone is one of the most powerful natural oxidizers and disinfectants you can use. However, it is important to understand that the purest ozone systems are fed with pure oxygen to provide the highest level of purity and strength for disinfection and oxidation.

The Aqua Fuzion system is designed to dissolve oxygen and ozone into the water naturally providing a much higher level of oxygen in the water as well as providing a disinfectant that is 10,000 times more efficient at killing microorganisms than chlorine. The only byproduct left behind is pure oxygen! The added oxygen makes the water feel soft and silky as if you just stepped out of the shower… except better! Nothing but crystal-clear water without all the chemicals the way mother nature intended it!

We have a clientele that has used their pool more in the last two weeks than they have in the 20 years of owning their pool. All because they didn’t like the chlorine. If you’re interested in learning more about our systems please feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Visit our website to see videos and podcasts about our products and pool systems. www.exwsystems.com


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