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Electric for All

Phoenix-based Lectric launches new eBike with 150 lb carrying capacity, top speed 10 MPH limiter mode, improved motor, and new comfort upgrades.

The idea for Lectric eBike was born in Minnesota, from life-long friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel. Conlow’s dad was looking for an affordable, quality eBike, and when he couldn’t find anything, he turned the problem over to Levi and Robby. The pair had already wanted to develop a business together and only needed an idea. The duo got to work in a small garage in Phoenix. Among the most important features? “The bike needed to fold, so it could fit in the trunk of his Honda Civic,” said Conlow, regarding the XP’s first models.

On October 3, 2022, the innovative and inspirational brand held a special event at their Phoenix headquarters and showroom (much larger than the small garage they started in) to announce the latest addition to their family of eBikes.

An eye-catching row of XP 2.0 model bikes lined the event’s entrance. This model of the Lectric eBiike is the most popular. In fact, according to the company, in 2021 it was the 3rd most popular electric vehicle in America, behind only the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Before the announcement, guests socialized in Lectric’s lobby, where I had a chance to speak to Christian Dennis, the company’s influencer marketing manager, about the importance and impact of eBikes. He believes that the growth in popularity of eBiikes can be attributed to COVID, “when people started trying to get out more in the limited ways they could.” Since then, their popularity has only continued to grow, and eBikes are very much considered a viable option for transportation. In cities where public transportation is already prominent, eBikes have an enormous opportunity to thrive—they’re cheaper than cars, easier to store, and, overall, more eco-friendly.

According to Dennis, Lectric is trying to break into the college scene with their bikes. “Campuses like ASU, for example, are designed perfectly for eBikes,” said Dennis. Not only does Lectric offer the XP Step Thru 2.0 model, which typically costs around $1,000, but they also have a Lite version of the 2.0. This bike is cheaper than the traditional 2.0, costing about $800. Dennis explained the compelling elements of the bike for college students include its smaller size and affordability. Similar to the 2.0, the Lite models fold in half for portability. Dennis noted that college students could use this to their advantage in smaller dorm spaces.

About half-way through the event, after attendees were given the chance to test ride 2.0 models, company co-founder, Levi Conlow, spoke to guests about the successful performances and reviews for their XP 2.0 model. He also discussed Lectric’s constant drive to improve upon their designs to fit their customers’ ever-changing needs.

Enter Lectric’s new model, the XP 3.0. The biggest concern that this bike addresses is passenger compatibility and broadening the consumer base. “Too often was I at a buddy’s house, and he only had one bike,” said Conlow in introducing the new model. “Isn’t it more enjoyable to experience life with others?”

The carrying capacity (rear rack) for the new XP 3.0  is 150 lbs, which is a vast improvement compared to the XP 2.0’s previous 75 lb. capacity. Lectric wanted the bike to remain in the XP family, meaning it has a lot of similar features, including a hidden battery. Beyond an increase in carrying capacity, Lectric also wanted to do its part to limit the number of accidents that happen. The new model features an optional “Passenger Mode,” which limits the bike’s top speed to 10 MPH and adds “an additional level of protection” for passengers.

Other notable changes in the model 3.0 include an improved motor and new comfort upgrades. The new motor is built to handle the extra weight, described by Lectric as “an 850W peak motor with 55nm of torque.” At the event, Conlow also noted the softer handles for improved comfort and a customer-recommended sleeker seat.

Additional notable features of the XP 3.0 include “five levels of pedal assist and throttle, a top speed of 28 MPH, puncture-resistant 20” x 3” fat tires, front suspension fork with 50 mm of travel, and a standard or long-range internal lithium-ion battery.”

The 3.0 is estimated to retail for $1,099. “This is the first and most affordable dual-passenger EV out there,” said Conlow.

Lectric  is hoping to reduce carbon emissions from constant car use by giving people a viable transportation option. The brand is a member of Arizona Forward and hopes to become more involved with legislation on bike reform. The first step toward a broader change is making it safe for riders everywhere, which Lectric recognizes. Laws for eBikes lack consistency, according to the company’s PR representative, Ashlee Larrison. Lectric also encourages company-wide involvement by providing incentives for carpooling to work—doing its part, inwardly and outwardly, to incite change. For more information and online purchasing visit https://lectricebikes.com/.

For more information: Mia Milinovich


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